Rerax Panda

posted on 16 Dec 2010 in Stationery

Rerax, it’s just a dream….

Photo courtesy of Lilli Talasrinne.
Stationery envelope found in Japan.
Originally posted 2003.6.30

30 captions

  1. Niklas | 7:14 am |

    As opposed to interracial love?

  2. pikapal | 2:42 am |

    Rerax, don’t do it.

  3. Eazy | 2:02 am |

    but the pandas not pure white?

  4. Chris | 12:13 pm |

    White supremacism runs rampant in nature.

  5. Eduard | 12:27 pm |

    I myself am dreaming of a pure white Christmas!

  6. Tong | 12:43 pm |

    Pure white dream? Let’s hope it is not a wet dream.

  7. Eccekio | 12:44 pm |

    @Eazy. Albino ones are.

  8. Eccekio | 12:47 pm |

    I’m not fussy. I’ll take whatever colour I can get.

  9. SS | 12:56 pm |

    Would look good on sex tapes.

  10. Gwydion Williams | 1:23 pm |

    I’m Dreaming of a White Panda

    (But likely to get a White Christmas, given the UK’s current weather.)

  11. coffeebot | 1:31 pm |

    Cool, I was in the mood for some panda-on-duck action

  12. DrLex | 1:45 pm |

    I’m not dreaming, I’m having a nightmare about talking animals.

  13. jjhitt | 2:09 pm |

    Psst… hey buddy… I can get you pure white love for 80 bucks a gram.

  14. jjhitt | 2:15 pm |

    Is that a tomato on your head or are you just reraxed to see me?

  15. Algernon | 2:19 pm |

    All a bit overbearing to me

  16. jjhitt | 2:19 pm |

    When the flowers in the wallpaper start floating around the room, I may be a little too reraxed.

  17. Big Fat Cat | 2:22 pm |


  18. Big Fat Cat | 2:23 pm |

    Rerax Panda is a crose friend of Herro Kitty.

  19. faulty wiring | 2:31 pm |

    Here we have article number 5, a hidden camera shot of the three masterminds. In the foreground you can clearly make out Keith ‘KKK’ Panda & his accomplice Donald ‘the Dealer’ Duck. Overseeing it all from a distance is the evil mastermind, ‘Racist Roger Rohypnol’ the Fluffy Bunny. The sickening depravity is quite evident, with cushions hurled violently on the floor, presumably after a drug binge. In KKK’s hand is in fact ‘The Turner Diaries’ which is one of their major references. All of these thugs are wearing the mandatory hot water bottle head gear, and the speech bubble contains their sadistic call to arms, code for ‘White Toys of the World Unite in Violent Drug Fuelled Blood Lust’. Be very wary of these characters, they are armed extremist, high as kites and ultraviolent.

  20. jjhitt | 3:01 pm |

    Last Known Photograph of Little Yellow Chick.

  21. kitsune | 3:19 pm |

    Pure, my fanny, that’s clearly and abusive relationship.

  22. FatKenney | 5:10 pm |

    Those damned albinophiles make me sick.

  23. emily | 10:41 pm |

    Am I dreaming?
    I try to, but the Sun will come out to blind my dream !

  24. emily | 10:47 pm |

    I see Panda reraxing on a couch with a ramp by the side and two lugs on the frool, and many frowels in the ail. Oh, What nonsense am I uttering? I must be dreaming !

  25. Trogdor | 4:36 pm |

    I usually wake up with pure white love after dreaming it..

  26. Lollerskate | 5:27 pm |

    Then they’ll make some bizarre jelly!

  27. Lollerskate | 5:28 pm |

    Then they’ll make some bizarre jerry!

  28. Jodi | 12:00 pm |

    This is love for the racists!

  29. VonStierlitz | 6:15 pm |

    Lacist panda.

  30. BuzzKirrington | 3:21 pm |

    If I walk into my living room and encounter a panda with a head three times the size of the rest of its body sitting on the sofa with a duck, I had effing well better be dreaming!

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