Lube sheep for best results

posted on 24 Feb 2011 in Household Items

We resent the label “happy fruits.” We prefer “fabulous produce.”

Photo courtesy of Edson Chen.
Chopsticks holders from Japan.

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  1. DrLex | 4:04 am |

    My name is Fred. It likes lubing the sheep. I will carry out and will be excited very good.

  2. jjhitt | 4:08 am |

    Because of Monkeys… literary, excited monkeys in search of adventure.

  3. Eduard | 4:25 am |

    I didn’t know animal sex shops occur…

  4. Eduard | 4:29 am |

    Bobbin and Mink look pretty worn our after all that exciting playing and reading. Must be the lack of happy fruits or lube……

  5. Tong | 4:38 am |

    Chopsticks and sheep? I don’t want to know… I can’t use chopsticks anyway.

  6. coffeebot | 4:40 am |

    It puts the lube sheep in the basket.

  7. Jellychop | 5:25 am |

    If that’s on the chopsticks I’d love to see the menu!

  8. Algernon | 5:28 am |

    Lube sheep, a New Zealand favourite.

  9. jjhitt | 6:12 am |

    My name is Jame Gumb. It likes the lotion in the basket….

  10. Kitsune | 7:25 am |

    In Soviet Russia, the teddy bear carries you.

  11. Yugan Dali | 7:25 am |

    If you lube sheep, you don’t go clickety click. That’s the whole point!

  12. garudamon11 | 7:31 am |

    It beautifully eats the happy fruit

  13. Amanderpanderer | 7:36 am |

    I have those chopsticks. And a matching bento box. Lubesheep is Engrish awesome!

    My chopsticks read:
    My name is Rinda. Faborite food is the white cake and the sweet cherrys. Verry nice.

  14. Ralph Hamilton | 7:54 am |

    Did you know all New Zealand sheep are called Marty? That is why the Maoris all call out during the Haka.



  15. jjhitt | 8:51 am |

    Unit contains a completely portable high pressure manual greasing system. Use only HD40W Sheep Oil. Clickery Click noise is normal.

  16. Chris | 10:33 am |

    Happy fruit makes me feel fortunate all over!

  17. vaw | 10:53 am |

    It eats the Happy Fruit or it gets the hose again!

  18. RT | 12:22 pm |

    junior, NO! what are you doing to your lamb chops?!?!?!

  19. Tim S | 3:55 pm |

    Putifresh® Combining the best of putrefaction and freshness!

  20. Powerful Entity | 8:10 pm |

    “Do ya feel fortunate punk? Do ya?”

    “Yes! I eat the happy fruit and feel very fortunate. Here, try one.”

  21. Kat | 1:06 pm |

    Oh god, Lube Sheep. I did a lot of bento box shopping on ebay one day and the majority of them are copyrighted with that name.

    The first one I encountered with the ‘Lube Sheep’ name had bananas all over the lid, ironically enough.

  22. Lollerskate | 2:12 pm |

    “OILED PIG”, wasn’t very original with its designs, so it broke. This offshoot seems to be doing much better however.

  23. DaVince | 9:45 am |

    I’m Bobbin. Are you my mother?

  24. Casey | 7:08 am |

    eat a happy fruit and win the lottery.

  25. Long Tom | 8:31 pm |

    I remember seeing an Israeli political cartoon in the Chicago Tribune while I was working as a pizza delivery driver, where then-President Ronald Reagan was quoted as calling Moammar Gadafi “flaky”. The cartoon shows Gadafi getting furious and saying, “What, the Zionist dog? How dare he? He will pay for this! I will send suicide squads into his cities! I will rape his sheep! The swine!” Then he calms down and asks, “By the way, what does this word ‘flaky’ mean?” I was laughing so hard at that cartoon it was nearly impossible to keep a straight face when I was delivering my next set of pizzas.

  26. Huggzie | 3:21 am |

    My name is Mobbin! It likes to lube sheep and eat hoppy fruits! It is very special time!

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