That explains the big hole in the back of this raincoat

posted on 20 Feb 2011 in Clothing, Engrish from Other Countries

It’s not really Engrish…it says that on porpoise.

Photo courtesy of Obis Cygma.
Jacket found in South Korea.

22 captions

  1. faulty wiring | 4:47 am |

    So I went into the shop and asked for a Simple Sporty Outdoor Basic Casual Blowhole, and the next thing I know some guy called ‘The Gimp’ had me chained to a drain pipe …

  2. Algernon | 4:56 am |

    Dont get too close to the edge.

  3. Chris | 5:39 am |

    Wear this and have a whale of a good time.

  4. Gwydion Williams | 6:20 am |

    Made in Wales

  5. phoenixx | 7:05 am |

    sports wear for shamu

  6. Kitsune | 7:48 am |

    It’s sea worthy.

  7. kyle vincent | 8:17 am |

    hmmm… oh I get it! To keep you cool while you jog! Jizz what are you guys thinking?

    But what’s the “blow” for anyway?

  8. coffeebot | 9:18 am |

    The hole’s not on the back! It’s…
    …down there!

  9. Big Fat Cat | 11:55 am |

    Tips for tourists to South Korea- The people worship blowholes and please don’t mention this word in public.

  10. Ralph Hamilton | 1:10 pm |

    When Bill Clinton Joined the “Save The Whales” campaign” people claimed that didn’t count. For he would naturally be in favour of any animal with a “Blowhole”.

  11. Lora | 2:32 pm |

    Warning on tag: Although our whale wear will make you look cool without restricting your breathing, it does not provide protection against oil spills or getting harpooned.

  12. Ralph Hamilton | 2:37 pm |

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water,
    Jill’s blow hole that night,
    Made Jack squeal with delight,
    So he pumped on her well,
    But we still haven’t got any water.

  13. Cecily | 3:09 pm |

    Call me Ishmael.

  14. DragonLady | 4:55 pm |

    Call me, Ishmael.

  15. Johan the Barbarian | 7:35 pm |

    Blow in the Hole!!

  16. Johan the Barbarian | 7:35 pm |

    Blow in the Hole!!

  17. Moby’s entry into the marketplace, competing directly against Sean John.

  18. emily | 3:52 am |

    Buying this coat is going to make big hole in your pocket!

  19. jjhitt | 6:30 am |

    To the last, I grapple with thy zipper; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

  20. d17nk | 4:52 pm |

    you call those two tiny metal holes blowholes?

  21. MrBill | 8:43 pm |

    @faulty wiring – did he violate you garally?

  22. Silverwolf | 2:40 pm |

    “I said a Dolphins sports jacket, not a dolphin’s sports jacket!”

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