Did I mention miserably?

posted on 19 Oct 2011 in Household Items

Diagnosis: Trapsis Hormiess. Prescription: Romantic rat night life!

Photo courtesy of Alistair Israel.
Sticky mousetrap made in China.

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  1. kim | 12:08 am |

    This is a glue pad that traps all the little worms on the floor, so the charming, dashing rat can call his girl over and have a romantic night life.

  2. Ptorq | 5:48 pm |

    @Nonsuch: I’m not sure it’s worse than the “humane” traps some treehugger where I formerly worked insisted we use. They trapped the mice alive and then he would go around, collect them, and set the mice free outside (in the parking lot, where, of course, they would immediately run straight back inside).

    Except he kinda forgot about some of them.

    When my boss moved his furniture around, behind his credenza he discovered a humane trap with a tiny skeletal paw sticking out.

  3. sparky | 5:21 pm |

    HA HA H A
    I got paid prenty to light this.


  4. Mark | 5:54 pm |

    That namely glue contact can, in one fell swoop, make rats feel miserably for enjoying their romantic night life!

  5. Biff Biffington | 3:51 pm |

    I had an aunt who suffered from Trapsis Hormiess once. She said it made her feel miserably.

  6. fredly frenson | 11:06 am |

    …. or…

    “Fables of a romatic Rat.
    The charming dashing habit that you’ve always had…You’ve always brought fortune our way…while on the way to that strange monster…the Cat! It’s time to Die, M-er Effer, Rat Die, M-er Effer Die!”

    Uhhh..the contact (namely Glue) is what I’ll round all of you rats up! In one fell swoop, too! Bitches!

  7. Gleem Mire | 1:45 pm |

    Mr Jingles! I thought you were in Mouseville….

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