Not a bad beginning, either

posted on 12 Oct 2011 in Chinglish

Photo courtesy of Han Young.
Biore ad found in Taiwan supermarket.

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  1. Algernon | 4:07 am |

    Sweet dreams

  2. jjhitt | 4:12 am |

    Isn’t Biore’ that duct tape you put on your face for zits?

  3. Big Fat Cat | 4:12 am |

    or tragic ending for the guy on a bed of flowers.

  4. FatKenney | 4:18 am |

    And sales for this product skyrocketed.

  5. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:19 am |

    Well, if this is just an ending …

  6. coffeebot | 4:23 am |

    ha! and endings used to make me sad…

  7. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:23 am |

    May I see the whole story?

  8. Tong | 4:54 am |

    I don’t like that kind of ending, can we go back to the beginning again?

  9. demondude777 | 4:57 am |

    Happy ending achieved. Now how much do I owe her again?

  10. jjhitt | 4:58 am |

    I’m not sitting here gazing at her butt.
    I’m busy thinking of a witty reply.

  11. faulty wiring | 5:06 am |

    even happier busting

  12. Seventy2rd o clock | 5:31 am |

    It’s one of those religion-free DVDs!!

  13. Seventy2rd o clock | 5:33 am |

    @ jjhitt: If I’m completely honest, I AM gazing at her butt.

  14. Dervrak | 5:45 am |

    No happy ending yet…
    Her clothes are still on!

  15. xila31 | 6:03 am |

    That’s what he said….

  16. Classic Steve | 6:49 am |

    I’d be happy to see her rear end…ing.

  17. Peter Chan | 6:54 am |

    Not bad at all ending up smiling in her flowery grave ^_^

  18. Dan Langevin | 6:59 am |


  19. Dan Langevin | 7:00 am |

    Every good fairy tale has one. And some of the naughty ones, too.

  20. Seventy2rd o clock | 7:07 am |

    Here’s the plot:
    She began to undress, suddenly became bored and fell asleep even before she removed all clothes.

    Typical horror movie.

  21. Chris | 7:09 am |

    Both ends look happy to me.

  22. Pedro | 7:47 am |

    Instructions for happy ending.

    1. Remove lotion and tissue from package
    2. Prop up picture of “happy ending” girl.
    3. Apply lotion to man spot
    4. Do the make self happy act.
    6. Use tissue to clean up extra happy.

  23. Kitsune | 12:18 pm |

    So I get an egg roll?

  24. Seventy2rd o clock | 12:38 pm |

    The bed where is, with a smile happily.
    Do not leave it alone.
    – The End –

  25. Scott | 1:10 pm |

    I’m in love with miss YUM YUM!

  26. RT | 1:43 pm |

    i used neutrogena and got a BAD END. lemme redo that route.

  27. YYD | 2:49 pm |

    Literal translation:
    My clean tender skin
    My Happy Ending!

  28. Micah Cowan | 6:41 pm |

    “Happy Ending”, of course, is just one pair of English words that are just one part of a complete (or almost) Mandarin sentence, saying something like:

    My pure young skin,
    My Happy Ending

    (Safe to say they mean a fairytale “Happy Ending”, not the one that actually pops into actual English-speakers’ minds. Fortunately, even with a fuller translation, it’s still hilarious.)

    I’m not certain about the “pure young skin” bit, and that’s based mainly on my understanding of the meanings of those characters as used in Japanese, not Chinese. Still, I’m significantly more comfortable with it than Google Translate’s suggestion of “net tender muscle” (?!)

    Here’s a copy-pastable for someone better equipped to find the Mandarin meaning (and as willing as I to be a party pooper, ignoring the humor for the learning):

    我的 Happy Ending!

  29. YYD | 8:37 pm |

    It’s often considered “cool” to toss in a couple of English words in places like advertising to seem “in” and “hot” and whatnot. This was probably one of those instances where the advertiser had a weak grasp of English and took the commonplace “happy ending” to mean something like joyful end of the day rest.

  30. Tong | 8:40 pm |

    it doesn’t mean much in Chinese either. It translates into something like, “My clean / pure tender flesh, my Happy Ending.” Very stupid. I still don’t know what it is about even read it in Chinese. Is it a beauty product? A pillow?

  31. YYD | 8:41 pm |

    淨 can mean clean as in purified.
    嫩can mean tender usually attributed to youthfulness.
    肌膚 means skin.
    Hope this helped!

  32. YYD | 8:44 pm |

    Note: Biore is apparently a skin cleansing product company.

  33. Max | 8:55 pm |

    Literal translation:
    My clean tender skin
    My Happy Ending!
    Biore is a skin cleansing product company.
    淨-clean as in purified
    嫩-tender as in youthful
    肌-skin as in 肌肤。

  34. Ralph Hamilton | 12:20 am |

    Thanks Engrish. That really shook the wrinkles out of the old truncheon.

  35. GwydionM | 10:22 am |

    Or is it a happy ending for the flowers? No huffing and puffing and crushing their poor little petals?

  36. Actually, Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  37. J | 3:56 pm |

    Is that a doorway? A doorway to azs?

  38. Yugan Dali | 2:08 am |

    Doesn’t this belong on Photoshop Disasters?

  39. sparky | 4:56 pm |

    So that’s where grannies undies went!

  40. Jerome | 10:33 pm |

    … This hooker must have caught a big fish. (Puts on sunglasses) YEEEEAAHHHH!!!

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