Burn baby burn

posted on 14 Jan 2012 in Computer

For some reason the cashier put them in a brown paper bag…

Photo courtesy of Eli Loomis.
DVD’s found in Japan. 

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  1. Algernon | 4:26 am |

    Looks a bit big to fit

  2. Tong | 4:41 am |

    Sweet heart, although you will be loaded, the baby we make will be compact.

  3. marc | 5:29 am |

    Please insert into vagina drive

  4. me | 5:30 am |

    For best results use compact condoms

  5. Seventy2rd o clock | 5:39 am |

    It produces religion-free babies!

  6. Michael | 6:02 am |

    Worst. Turkey. Baster. Ever.

  7. SF | 6:10 am |

    Was the “I make good babies” T-shirt (http://www.engrish.com/2012/01/no-run-of-the-mill-babies/) a promotional T-shirt for this brand?

  8. mickeygreeneyes | 6:36 am |

    Just add semen and stir. MMM MMM Good!

  9. Terri | 6:37 am |

    No, it’s true!!! I heard some of the bigger girls talking about it. They said you can’t get pregnant unless the man inserts his disk into your yoni. that’s why I’m still a virgin. I tried it and it’s still too big to fit.

  10. SF | 7:03 am |

    These days, it’s no longer a stork that brings babies home, you just downloads them from the web.

  11. FatKenney | 10:31 am |

    Sure it’s quicker, but I still prefer the good old-fashioned method.

  12. Peter Chan | 10:43 am |

    The CD writer says “Mom, I’m pregnant!”

  13. FatKenney | 10:45 am |

    “Well you see, Timmy, sometimes when a man and woman fall in love, they go to the electronics store and buy baby making software. Then the man puts the installation disk into the woman’s CD ROM drive, opens the Installation Wizard and restarts the computer. That’s where babies come from.”

  14. jjhitt | 11:26 am |

    Congratulations! It’s an ISO-9660!

  15. jjhitt | 11:28 am |

    7GB — That’s a lot of womb room.

  16. jjhitt | 11:43 am |

    Ten discs! Hmmph! In my day you only needed one.

  17. Ian Dangerfield | 12:24 pm |

    Make sure you don’t catch dVD XD

  18. coffeebot | 3:41 pm |

    i require 100

  19. Eccekio | 4:29 pm |

    10? Ah. It’s practice that makes perfect.

  20. SuSu | 4:47 pm |

    There is also a chance the baby might be infected with viruses.

  21. Eccekio | 8:47 pm |

    The George Foreman Baby Cooker.

  22. sparky | 10:57 am |

    How many Giga Babies? Geez, I’ll have to get a second job.

  23. nyuk | 8:36 am |

    This is why the birth rate in Japan is dwindling. I bet they’ve been incorrectly using CD-Rs instead of DVD-Rs. Their sex-ed curriculum need to be revamped asap!

  24. drinkyoursteak | 12:27 am |


  25. Biff the Understudy | 3:30 pm |

    “Keep the MPAA out of the bedroom!”

  26. Charlie | 3:25 pm |

    At least if your kids misbehave you can rewrite them.

  27. BigD25 | 4:06 am |

    Do I get a guarantee with this? i mean, it’s right on the label. It seems like a sure thing. Afterall, I’ve invested a lot of money in eastern medicine remedies. I don’t know how many tablespoons of tiger penis I’ve stirred into my morning tea just to make her happy. I’ve swallowed so much tiger penis at this point, I could work a corner of the Serengeti and not blink twice. Does anyone know if burning these discs actually works? Please advise.

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