Batman Begins Playing Cards

posted on 4 Feb 2012 in Toys

Photo courtesy of He-Mandee.

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  1. Jordan | 4:10 am |

    Spiderman sure does enjoy stroking those criminal activates!

  2. Algernon | 4:14 am |

    What next, the Green Lantern meets The Joker.

  3. faulty wiring | 4:24 am |

    I’m confused. Is Dr Jackstraw abnormal or is it the drugs he is trafficking? The only way to find an answer is to ask…..Spider-Batman

  4. JonnyTBone | 6:57 am |

    More like “Confusion Begins”.

  5. Qiezei | 7:01 am |

    To a faraway planet, a young boy Kalel drove to Earth planet to refuge. His capability on planet allowed him to flight, strong, and supper-speed along with x-ray vision. However the fact, the malovent Hex Lutor strives to die Superman and friends by use large weakness: Kryptonite. Every day he makes out in a whole skin help firends Jimmy Lois JJson etc. Save grate day Superman!!

  6. jjhitt | 8:22 am |

    They’ve been stroking criminal activity too long. They’re starting to go blind.

  7. jjhitt | 8:26 am |

    Quick! To the Bat Basement!

  8. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:28 am |

    I don’t know much about Batman, but I can smell something fishy here.

  9. jjhitt | 8:29 am |

    Ninja Group, a subsidiary of Guys In Masks Worldwide, Ltd.

  10. mickeygreeneyes | 8:37 am |

    And what does Peter Parker have to say about all this?

  11. GwydionM | 9:42 am |

    When being a child, Bruce never saw any kindly killings

  12. Peter Chan | 10:12 am |

    When Confucius spells Confusion, anything could happen, like . . .

    1. Gotham becomes Gete;
    2. Batman becomes Spiderman . . .

  13. The Dude | 10:53 am |

    Batman, Batman, does whatever a bat can!
    Wears a belt filled with toys,
    Spoils all the bad guys’ ploys,
    Look out! Here comes the Batman!

  14. Eccekio | 11:42 am |

    I don’t have a clue what this is about. I felt my brain fly out of gear halfway through reading through it.

  15. Eccekio | 11:45 am |

    THE Ninja Group listede at $1.76 onthe ASX, will be having a capital raising to acquire the Spiderman franchise.

  16. timo | 11:45 am |

    I hope Dr. Jackstraw isn’t a urologist…

  17. Eccekio | 1:10 pm |

    I’ve tried three times to read through all the gibberish, and failed.

    Those who managed it have my admiration.

  18. NekoKnight | 4:31 pm |

    SPIDER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Snufkin | 5:07 pm |

    “Pretty fishy there being a basement under a Spanish Villa, Robin.”

    “You mean where there’s fish, there’s bound to be a cat? Holy Sardines, Batman! Tigra!”

  20. coffeebot | 8:39 pm |

    To make things easier, I’ve combined the two names. Behold! Man-man

  21. Sporky | 10:01 pm |

    Hmm. That wasn’t the way I remembered it.

  22. demondude777 | 10:58 pm |

    My bat-sense is tingling! Danger in Gete!

  23. I would pay a lot of cash to see the look on Stan Lee’s face if he should read this ….

  24. DragonLady | 12:31 pm |


  25. Jewels | 4:17 am |

    Batman begins… where rationale ends.

  26. Dervrak | 7:21 am |

    God didn’t give me a chance to fulfill my will so I turned to Ra. If that doesn’t work I still have Zeus, Odin, etc…

  27. Pedro | 7:30 am |

    Let me see if I understand…

    So Batman is also Spiderman, but he keeps his Spiderman equipment hidden in the basement of his villa as opposed to his Batman equipment that he keeps in a cave under Wayne Manor?

  28. That Guy | 3:35 pm |


  29. brbr | 9:07 pm |

    Whew, at first I thought it said tonguing the chief of the mafia, Dr. Jackstraw, et al. But that’s the naaame…Tougon, lol. Not that I’d have a problem with that though…

  30. jjhitt | 4:48 pm |

    And now you know why Heath Ledger is dead.

  31. sparky8367 | 10:09 pm |

    Drugs are bad! But it did make more sense after a quart of vodka.

  32. Christine | 12:40 pm |

    i just bet that the mysterious opponents were VERY FAMILIAR with the stroking SpiderBatman… and that abnormal drug trafficker? Um, YEAH.

  33. DM | 10:07 pm |

    All hail the BatSpider!

  34. Jared | 11:59 pm |

    Such classic “Spiderman”(?) villains, including the abnormal drug trafficker, he’s not all that charismatic when he crashes though.

  35. Earl G. | 7:52 pm |

    Bruce Wayne get mad, also become Hulk, write bad backstory.

  36. hghhhh | 3:38 am |

    even a mysterious opponents quite familiar with him? I need to get these!

  37. ladygaga | 11:49 pm |

    the batmans does find not good robin help with in pipes for new man-bat car racer for very happy’s old guy.

  38. SirCreeper | 9:38 am |

    …I have nothing to say about this. My mind is full of confusion. @_@

  39. dmitri | 12:32 am |

    bruce can be such a child when he’s being a child

  40. Mick92 | 4:01 am |

    Nothing to see here, just a broken english version of Batman’s backsto… wait, what???

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