I don’t dare question my snacks authority…

posted on 20 Mar 2012 in Snacks

Photo courtesy of Shirley Lee.
Wrapper from a sweet souvenir found in Japan. 

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  1. Algernon | 4:07 am |

    I want a bold strawberry not one of the wishy washy incipid ones.

  2. Big Fat Cat | 4:10 am |

    I am not gay. I want a she.

  3. Big Fat Cat | 4:12 am |

    I don’t know the divination of strawberries but I know chanting my lover’s name and eating the smallest strawberries will end up in ER.

  4. jjhitt | 4:15 am |

    But what if I’m in a committed relationship with some other vegetable?

  5. faulty wiring | 4:16 am |

    Wait a MINUTE!!! These ‘strawberries’ are mushroom shaped!

  6. beechoak | 4:17 am |

    Strawberries: they make you quiver with antici… PATION!

  7. jjhitt | 4:18 am |

    I put a trembling strawberry into my mouth. It died horribly.

  8. jjhitt | 4:20 am |

    If you eat strawberry jam, you will become a promiscuous tart.

  9. SF | 4:34 am |

    If you really want to chant your lover’s name three times while eating the biggest strawberry, please do it elsewhere. And don’t forget your napkin.

  10. Frank Burns | 5:39 am |

    I think this is strawberry blotter acid. NICE DREAMS.

  11. Stopchicks | 5:43 am |

    I tried that with a rutabaga once and my mother-in-law appeared.

  12. coffeebot | 6:08 am |

    the perfect marriage of Inception and Stalking

  13. faulty wiring | 6:45 am |

    @ Big Fat Cat: too bad, this in one for the fruits

  14. Classic Steve | 6:46 am |

    If you take the blueberry instead, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

  15. Terri | 7:23 am |

    What happens if I chant my lover’s name three times when I eat the biggest banana? Will I dream that I am kneeling by his bed?

  16. Lora | 7:29 am |

    After the Wicked Queen’s failure with poisoned apples, she turned to the ever-popular strawberries to rid the world of naive-lovesick-princesses.

  17. Zizzybalooba | 8:39 am |

    I thought that’s how you summoned Beetlejuice.

  18. Seventy2rd o clock | 9:11 am |

    Is this a recipe for strawberry quake?

  19. jjhitt | 9:53 am |

    Free will is the ability of agents to make choices free from the constraints of small strawberries.

  20. Peter | 10:19 am |

    Problem is . . . his name is too common (!!)

  21. Anchor | 11:41 am |

    Yeah I know the divination by strawberries. Still trying to forget.

  22. SilverRose | 12:00 pm |

    Note to self, never eat the smallest strawberry again. I see enough weird stuff in my dreams.

  23. Jøsh | 1:12 pm |

    KY Strawberry Jelly

  24. SuSu | 1:20 pm |

    Despite a few errors and some dramatized uses of word, I think they worked hard to write it lol.

  25. GwydionM | 1:29 pm |

    Mutter “rhubarb rhubarb” and you get a whole crowd of friends

  26. Eccekio | 4:22 pm |

    So saith the Emperor.

  27. RT | 5:58 pm |

    i think the script writers for japanese visual novels are starting to run out of ideas.

  28. Take 2 | 10:37 pm |

    If your first kiss tastes sweet-sour, you’re doing it wrong.

  29. Eccekio | 2:27 am |

    @Take 2. Or you are doing it upside down,

  30. emily | 3:06 am |

    Caution! Do not substitute strawberries with other berries!
    Adverse effects:-

    Chanting with blueberry —- will end up feeling blue.
    Chanting with blackberry — will wake up with a black eye
    Chanting with cranberry —- will end up cranky.

  31. emily | 3:08 am |

    What a clever way to sell undersized fruits!

  32. iLock | 5:39 am |

    Why don’t I not try that once tonight… because I’m not gay.

  33. Jewels | 2:29 am |

    Why not try? ’cause I’m allergic to strawberries, thank you.

  34. sparky | 4:15 am |

    Strawberry Fields forever.

  35. A Non-Y Mouse | 7:45 am |

    Ahh! So those were ben-wa balls Captain Queeg was rolling in his hand.

  36. Casey | 9:32 am |

    I know strawberries are an aphrodisiac, but this is too much!

  37. pijo | 8:29 am |

    that strawberry must be freezing in the cold breeze

  38. sam | 8:58 am |

    …Only if you copy and paste this on 50 friends facebook walls…

  39. coffeebot | 8:34 am |

    Your boyfriend is a fruit? That’s okay, my celery stalks.

  40. TripleU | 6:31 pm |

    But I’ve been hurt by so many other berries before…

  41. Chris | 7:37 pm |

    Sounds like a bad acid trip to me.

  42. Hello! | 1:26 pm |

    Trembling? It must be scared!

  43. KirbyMario12345 | 9:05 am |

    I don’t like strawberries, but if my lover were to appear then I’d eat one. That makes happy love time.

  44. Its a me! | 3:07 pm |

    Without TOTAL FAIL, or just fail?

  45. Myself | 10:19 pm |

    I tried that. All that happened was that I hallucinated I was Florence Welch. It was great, though. I finally nailed singing “Cosmic Love”, and I’ve been trying to turn back into Florence Welch ever since. (This is a “personal meme”, so to speak, and only my close friends would get it, but I just had to post this here)

  46. Myself | 10:20 pm |

    Wait a minute! Those directions forgot a step! Before you eat the smallest strawberry, you need to copy that text and post it on 50 Pandora band pages!

  47. Myself | 11:21 pm |

    Explanation of my two previous posts: on Pandora, basically all the comments, to all songs and bands, are chain-comment trolls. One day, I lost a game of belote (a card game) with my friends and, as my penalty, had to go and repeat a Pandora chain comment. The next day, coincidence or not (hint: coincidence), I came down with a disastrous fever which culminated in me hallucinating that I was Florence Welch, the lead singer of the art-pop band Florence + the Machine. And it was fun being Florence Welch. Now and again I imagine serendipitously meeting Florence Welch – in a hotel lobby or something – and starting a conversation “Hey! I once hallucinated I was you!” and having her respond “Oh my God, you’re the guy I’ve been constantly hallucinating about!”

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