Sock Drawer? Meet Sock Store

posted on 31 Mar 2012 in Signs

Photo courtesy of Karinna Deller.
Found in Tokyo. 

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  1. Algernon | 4:09 am |

    Do they come in pairs.

  2. Peter Chan | 4:27 am |

    I pass this one . . . I don’t get the ‘Engrish’ here

  3. faulty wiring | 4:28 am |

    Sorry, your sign & displays are a little ambiguous…can I get a coffee here?

  4. Jay | 4:32 am |

    ♫ Tube socks and passion
    Are always in fashion
    At the Copo ♫

  5. Jazzy | 4:34 am |

    “Sock it to me! Sock it to me!”

  6. Frank Burns | 5:05 am |

    Have we “support hoes”?

  7. GwydionM | 6:22 am |

    Not just socks for your feet

  8. J-Luke | 7:54 am |

    This engrish post kind of socks…

  9. A Non-Y Mouse | 9:29 am |

    And upstairs there’s a store displaying… umm… sock cozies!
    Yeah, that’s it.

  10. Bob T | 10:47 am |

    Looking for oral socks…

  11. jjhitt | 11:36 am |

    Two left feet? No problem!

  12. coffeebot | 12:23 pm |

    I need 20 socks. All singles.

  13. Classic Steve | 12:57 pm |

    Someone ought to be socked for posting this here.

  14. sparky | 3:59 pm |

    There is something funny?

  15. Jøsh | 7:11 pm |

    So we make our own Engrish?
    “Here we have all kinds of sex”
    “The Hoes that burns the leg.”
    “Hele we have arr kinds of sucks”
    “Socks is Jesus for feet wash we have all”
    “Anything but pants!”
    “Here we have disappointment”

  16. Amy Graves | 9:06 pm |

    The New York Sock Exchange.

  17. Lollerskate | 9:46 pm |

    A little too much more ‘Almost Engrish’ outside of the brog than normal as of late…

  18. Eccekio | 9:59 pm |

    Guaranteed to not get lost in the Laundromat..

  19. Eccekio | 10:01 pm |

    Come in. We will sock you until you buy something.

  20. Eccekio | 10:13 pm |

    This Spanish guy is in Brissie visiting some rellies. Halfway through his stay he finds that he needs some socks.
    Despite the fact that he speaks no English he walks dow the road to a Menswear Store in Paddington.
    He says to the shop assistant: “Un paar de medias por favor.”
    The shop assistant says;’ Huh!’ He asks again with hte same result.

    Then the Spanish bloke sees a rack full of socks. He goes over grabs a couple of pair, comes back wavung them at the shop assistant, and says; “Eso si que es.”

    The aussie shop assistant says;’ If you know how to bloody spell it, why don’t you just friggin as for them.’

  21. Jewels | 3:52 am |

    The two real-life-looking mannequins outside the store posed with their arms up seem more appropriate for “all kinds of gloves” shop.

  22. Davey8 | 5:03 pm |

    I’m sorry, but *how* exactly is this Engrish?

  23. Alan | 5:39 pm |

    We had one of these in Nara. The best part is what copo stands for. Our shop was subtitled,

    Cheap! Original! Popular! Oh Good!

  24. nazani14 | 5:40 pm |

    The Japanese are trying not to laugh at at the excited gaijin girls.. You’d think they’d never seen a sock shop before.

  25. EffEff | 7:45 pm |

    Is this like the huge Gum store that used to be in Moscow?

  26. Petrander | 2:33 am |

    I love the old 80’s MacIntosh font.

  27. Nonsuch Ned | 2:13 pm |

    Dobby likes to shop here

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