Super 3000 fighter jet

posted on 10 Mar 2012 in Toys

Weapon of war specifications: Must be handsome, lustrous and lovely

Photo courtesy of JD.
Found at a dollar store in US. 

17 captions

  1. Algernon | 4:06 am |

    So superior it has four wings

  2. GwydionM | 5:16 am |

    A jet aircraft cunningly disguised as a helecopter

  3. FatKenney | 5:25 am |

    “Special” style about sums it up.

  4. beechoak | 6:05 am |

    My airplane has a helicopter complex…

  5. DrLex | 6:13 am |

    The main reason the Vietnam war did not go well, was that the helicopters lacked in lovely lustre. The Viet Cong would not have stood a chance against this special style handsome fighter jet.

  6. faulty wiring | 6:14 am |


    Obviously things have not been working out between us for a while. It is time I came clean and told you know that I have found another. another that is more handsome in appearance, more reliable in performance & has a more lovely lustre than you can ever have. Beyond all this there is a special style in the things we do together, a style that is both inaccurate due to literal translation, and misleading for the purpose of material gain. And after all this time I have to tell you that you will never be a choking hazard, certainly not with your small parts.

  7. jjhitt | 7:14 am |

    I love the smell of lustre in the morning, it smells like … style.

  8. Big Fat Cat | 8:54 am |

    Looks more like a flying Maytag washer and dryer.

  9. SF | 9:14 am |

    The cropping of the picture is unfortunate. Where is it made? Chicago?

  10. Eccekio | 11:07 am |

    Helicopters can’t fly. They just beat the air into submission.

  11. coffeebot | 11:10 am |

    you should see their glider

  12. caspianking | 10:10 pm |

    The world’s first chick magnet copter.

  13. J-Luke | 10:54 pm |

    This fighter jet is not a fighter yet…

  14. RT | 3:29 pm |

    this helicopter is rediculously good looking and is not an ambiturner

  15. Jewels | 10:41 pm |

    Airplane Super 3000 is a huge improvement on Super 2999, it has more lustre and is handsome-er.

  16. DragonLady | 3:33 pm |

    Wasn’t this a movie?

  17. sparky | 8:44 pm |

    So stealthy, it has a smile.

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