Always worked for squirrels…

posted on 29 Aug 2012 in Clothing, Engrish from Other Countries

Photo courtesy of Jessica Bauldry.
T-shirt found in teenage girls’ section of dept. store in Vietnam. 

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  1. krysto4 | 4:07 am |

    Sometimes you feel like a nut…

  2. iLock | 4:08 am |

    Hahahahahaha, I. Want. This. Shirt!

  3. iLock | 4:11 am |

    Wont this just remind the teenage girls that they can’t be happy?

  4. Algernon | 4:12 am |

    Nut sack, hmm I think they call that a scrotum

  5. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:13 am |

    I can’t remember what I just forgot…

  6. Big Fat Cat | 4:15 am |

    That’s Engrish in a nutsack, Better than nutshell.

  7. iLock | 4:19 am |

    Are they saying that you need metaphorical balls to learn how to
    ride a bike, which will make you happy.

    Anyway, I eagerly await the authors coming additions to his theory….

  8. Hirayuki | 4:19 am |

    – Random Pithy Quote From “That Pink Girl” Blog Here –

  9. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:24 am |

    My own theory says you have your nut sack more or less your entire life. Except if a bike accident is about to happy. Or if you’re a woman of the opposite sex, of course.

  10. Tommy | 4:28 am |

    A bike is a terrible place to have a nutsack. Mine is always getting caught on the bars and rubbing against the seat. In other areas of life it brings me happiness. If you don’t have a nutsack of your own, I’ll let you hold on to mine for a while. Just remember, don’t….

  11. iLock | 4:29 am |

    Sometimes I think it would be better not having a nut sack on the bike!

  12. iLock | 4:31 am |

    At least it didn’t say ‘in other areas on the body’…

  13. Jonnytbone | 4:31 am |

    Isn’t that the theme of the GOP convention this year?

  14. iLock | 4:34 am |

    True, just look at Lance Armstrong!

  15. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:38 am |

    Author of this text is definitely one of those Nuts Guys who sell underwear.

  16. Droll not Troll | 4:53 am |

    Happiness is a warm….. nutsack?

  17. Droll not Troll | 4:57 am |

    I remember when bikes had a leather pouch hanging under the back of the seat but I though that was a tool pouch. Which is even more disturbing, come to think of it.

  18. Pectolatra | 5:00 am |

    Girls, get married with a male cyclist as soon as you can!

  19. Pectolatra | 5:09 am |

    Jessica Bauldry, please go to the adult women section of this dept store so we can see a t-shirt with more of this theory!

  20. Frank Burns | 5:12 am |

    Deep thoughts by Jack Handy.

  21. Frank Burns | 5:13 am |

    Don’t say nutsack in front of grandma.

  22. Stopchicks | 5:31 am |

    Scrotal neuropathy FTW!

  23. Droll not Troll | 5:37 am |

    This theory, like any other, should be subjected to rigorous testes. It’s the scientific method.

  24. faulty wiring | 5:42 am |

    The secret to happiness is actually when someone else has your nutsack

  25. J-Luke | 6:00 am |

    Boyfriend: now called nutsack in Vietnam…

  26. Peter Chan | 6:08 am |

    Surprise . . . . Perfectly written Engrish. NO grammatical and spelling error AT ALL . . . anybody?

  27. Darth Na'vi | 6:13 am |

    5+ rating. There is NO WAY I could have written this, as a “native En speaker”. Speechless at its “your own nut sack. On a bike anyway…”

    I mean, I’m sorry, but, do I KNOW you??????????????

  28. pijo | 6:28 am |

    I need to know more about your theory, how can having own nut sack make you happy? If you mean “that” nut sack, what about female human?

  29. DrLex | 6:32 am |

    There is no other way to put it, the guy who wrote this is nuts.

  30. Julia | 7:39 am |

    Oh, great. You’ve just given me nut sack envy. (On the bike anyway.)

    Signed, A Woman

  31. Nonsuch Ned | 8:16 am |

    aw, Hirayuki kind of ruined it by revealing that it had a non-engrish source, but it is still an engrishy thing to take a random non-sequitur quote and put it on a shirt without any context. Still, you gotta believe this blogger is having the laugh of a lifetime knowing her random little soundbite was taken off the net and put on a t-shirt on the other side of the world.

  32. demondude777 | 8:41 am |

    Move over penis envy…theres a new envy on the block!

  33. Biff the Understudy | 9:20 am |

    All true. But get one without a varicocele if you can.

  34. Biff the Understudy | 9:23 am |

    I think the shirt is advertising truck nutz for bicyclists. Sounds like they’re considering expanding the line to other types of vehicles, maybe unicycles and pogo sticks. More on that theory later.

  35. jjhitt | 11:56 am |

    Yes. I AM happy.

  36. RT | 12:08 pm |

    who needs the power of the schwarz when you have spaceballs?

  37. garudamon11 | 12:55 pm |

    Actually, having a nutsack while riding a bike can be quite…. cumbersome

  38. Marum | 1:35 pm |

    Yes. My nut sack is very handy, when I need to ride the local bike.

  39. Lora | 2:28 pm |

    The non-adult Engrish seems to get a little less non-adult every day…

  40. Lora | 2:31 pm |

    Bikes: Strong enough for a man, but made for a women.

    (I wonder if enough people will still get the old deodorant ad reference?)

  41. Marum | 3:26 pm |


    I like the spoof ad.

    Customer: I’d like some deoderant.

    Sales assistant: Ball or stick type sir?

    Customer: No! Just for under the arms.

  42. RT | 5:59 pm |

    did you know i am riding this bike backwards? HYAH!

  43. Gtancx | 3:04 am |

    I sincerely hope that more on this theory is going to be written on a pair of long johns..

  44. GwydionM | 10:11 am |

    And don’t go giving rides to strange nut-sacks

  45. Manana | 10:16 pm |

    One ziplock baggie, put some peanuts in, and you have a nutsack for girl! Happy happiness ladies!

  46. slickjones34 | 6:17 am |

    the secret to unhappiness….. dare i say…… is a vagina?!

  47. Lalenya | 7:49 am |

    For the squirrelly girlie!

  48. Lalenya | 7:51 am |

    Nutsacks: for the squirrelly girlie!

  49. Mick | 4:11 am |

    I wonder what this would say if it wasn’t a girls t-shirt…

  50. Phillip Dye | 4:32 am |

    Who knew nut sacks came in plaid?

  51. Casey | 9:54 am |

    More on my theory later. Stay tuned.

  52. Cheesecat | 3:46 am |

    Don’t buy into that crap, girls! Nutsacks don’t combine too well with bicycles!

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