Weasel Coffee Flavor

posted on 25 Jul 2014 in Chinglish, Drinks

Photo courtesy of Theresa Wang.
Found in Taiwan. 

57 captions

  1. Enclave | 11:05 pm |

    Please go easy on the RAPE fruits in my weasel feces coffee!

  2. sirpaulfan | 2:01 am |

    1) “Does this coffee smell funny to you?”

    2) Starbuck’s new blend: Weasel Digestive Track.

  3. Jerry | 11:10 pm |

    It’s comes from a what’s what?

  4. Agent241 | 9:32 pm |

    @Wile E. Coyote:
    Typical is the opposite of special… I wonder what word they were aiming for… Tropical?

  5. Tharthan | 2:33 pm |

    Everyone who uses “a thing” for “something” and “is a thing” for “does exist” needs to be put in a loony bin.

    It’s wicked dumb. So… plz stp kthanxbai.

    In regards to this…

    What can one expect from that little weasel!? 😮

  6. Candyd | 12:13 pm |

    Seriously, it’s civet coffee, also called kopi luwak, which is the most expensive coffee in the world. Half digested coffee beans found in civet poop. It has its own article on Wikipedia.

  7. DECMATH | 8:01 am |

    Weasel. Not just the other yellow meat any more!

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