Try move a little further step.

posted on 14 Sep 2014 in Chinglish

Uncouth to forget wash the hand.

Photo courtesy of Adam Gillett.
Found above a urinal in Tibet. 

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  1. Jøshua | 12:37 pm |

    True, civilizations are based on the access to urinals. The ancient Romans knew this when building the aqueducts

  2. tadchem | 1:54 pm |

    I am almost afraid to ask why there is a clear plastic cover over the plaque.

  3. Huu Yuu | 2:03 pm |

    But peeing from all the way across the room is awesome, especially when you can aim accurately.

  4. RT | 2:47 pm |


  5. Droll not Troll | 5:34 pm |

    It’s just a step to the left….

  6. Droll not Troll | 5:36 pm |

    Signed, Mee Hung Lo.

  7. Droll not Troll | 5:45 pm |

    Take 2:
    Signed, Y.U.P. Fa.

  8. Mr. Wrong | 8:09 pm |

    Don’t be so aloof! We’re all friends here!

  9. Mr. Wrong | 8:10 pm |

    Yes, folks. Step right up! Five bucks buys you three shots at the urinal.

  10. Mr. Wrong | 8:14 pm |

    Step forward and greet Honorable Urinal.

  11. Paul | 8:36 pm |

    (A moment of a father and his son in the restroom)

    Son: “Father, can I stand in front of the urinal?”
    Father: “Sure.”

    (Son goes to the urinal and is overlooked by his father)

    Father: “SON! What are you doing!? You’ll get your jacket dirty!”
    Son: “The sign said to move forward and it said ‘civilized’!”

  12. Lollerskate | 9:13 pm |

    What if I raise my thumb? Do I get extra points?

  13. timmy | 9:20 pm |

    However it’s not so civilized to move a little further step to defecate.

  14. Droll not Troll | 9:37 pm |

    Don’t be shy. Our porcelain is very sociable.

  15. Jøshua | 11:57 pm |

    Walking while peeing. Sounds legit.

  16. algernon | 12:55 am |

    Nothing like a civilised urinate to give that fresh air feeling

  17. Chuck | 5:48 am |

    An Engrish variant of…

    Please stand closer. The janitor has holes in his shoes.

  18. Chuck | 5:48 am |

    As always…

    We aim to please. You aim too, please.

  19. Marum | 10:19 am |

    SEE! It wasn’t as long as you thought it was.

  20. Marum | 10:27 am |

    @Joshua. Not as easy as you think. I was concentrating so hard not to pee on my boots, I fell into a tree.

  21. Marum | 10:49 am |

    The Koran states, that it is a good idea to defecate, as far from your house as possible.

    I guess, in your neighbour’s, would be a great idea.

  22. Peter | 3:23 pm |

    It’s not so civilised to move a big further step to defecate.

  23. EffEff | 10:06 pm |

    If you can pee across the room (or over a shelf), the fire department needs you,

  24. zerima | 12:28 am |

    …what are all those drops behind the plastic…subtle signs of the collapse of civilization?

  25. sirpaulfan | 2:36 am |

    everybody do the dribble dance

  26. dalahast | 3:50 am |

    The Chinese on this one tries to be poetic: 上前一小步 / 文明一大步 (shàngqián yī xiǎobù / wénmíng yī dàbù), lit. “come forward one small step / [for] civilization, one big step”. Charming.

  27. Dave | 8:17 am |

    My skin is so much softer after I quit washing my hands after using the bathroom.

  28. Paul | 3:55 pm |

    One small step forward to pee, one big step for civilization!

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