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posted on 17 Oct 2014 in Chinglish, Signs

Please accident

Photo courtesy of Ethan Zhao.
Found on a staircase in China.  

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  1. algernon | 4:02 am |

    but do it gently

  2. algernon | 4:02 am |

    Beware of the foot

  3. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:06 am |

    Can I english?

  4. A Non-Y Mouse | 4:11 am |

    You laugh, but when I was a kid a big piece of cardboard and a staircase was fun times.

  5. coffeebot | 4:47 am |

    Safety Sled Stairs

  6. jjhitt | 4:59 am |

    This must be the down staircase.

  7. timmy | 5:04 am |

    Mom! This slide makes my butt hurt!

  8. Frank Burns | 6:28 am |

    If you think that’s bad, you should see the teeter-todder.

  9. Marum | 6:45 am |

    @A Non-Y Mouse. Haha. When we were kids going to the primary school on Kirra Hill, we used to slide down it on bits of cardboard.

    When one looks at it now, it is a wonder we didn’t go over the edge, and crash onto the old Pacific Highway.

  10. Gooma | 6:48 am |

    It is amazing, what they can make out of Tofu.

  11. pasdrole | 7:10 am |

    It’s a trap!

  12. Marum | 7:15 am |

    If it is solidified Coconut Oil, you may have an occurrence before you reach the bottom.

  13. Gooma | 7:30 am |

    MARUM! “Before you reach the bottom”

    That is premature ejaculation mate. Serves you right for trying to get in that way, in the first place.

  14. GwydionM | 8:07 am |

    Try to avoid a bottom at the end of your slide.

  15. Marum | 8:39 am |

    If a bottom is unavoidable at the end of your slide, at least apologize afterwards.
    Then make an appointment with your optician, first up in the morning.

  16. Lora | 10:34 am |

    Gently suffer injuries.

  17. Droll not Troll | 1:06 pm |

    Take your time, make sure to injure yourself properly.

  18. Droll not Troll | 1:08 pm |

    Be sure to hit every step on the way down, we wouldn’t want you to miss any.

  19. A Non-Y Mouse | 7:02 pm |

    @Marum: Our sliding hills were the levees along the Mississippi. We had a similar problem at the bottom with the road that ran along it, but fortunately it wasn’t a highway.

  20. algernon | 7:02 pm |

    Marum, well you need to stop poking around there then

  21. Sparky | 2:35 am |

    Life has its ups and downs.

  22. Huu Yuu | 2:43 am |

    The sign is missing “down the stairs on whatever you can find”

    I’ve never seen a sign encouraging sliding down stairs before!

  23. Mr. Wrong | 7:28 am |

    Tarnation — those are steep steps! Sliding is the only option. Almost as bad as some stretches of the Great Wall.

  24. Marum | 9:13 am |

    @ A Non-Y Mouse.

    It was a thirty foot drop to the highway. If I remember correctly, (it is nigh on 60 years ago) we used to use our skin as an emergency brake. Some 20 feet or so before the edge, we would roll off the cardboard onto the grass, and GRIND to a halt.

    BTW. Kirra is a beach on the Gold Coast, at Coolangatta.

    As the old song went: ♫It’s hot in Brisbane, but it’s Coolangatta….Coolangatta for me♫

  25. Marum | 9:14 am |

    You can blame the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce, for that literary, and musical, atrocity.

  26. EffEff | 7:55 pm |

    Tofu? It looks like ice.

  27. tadchem | 9:57 pm |

    A practice run for Extreme Luge?
    Do-it-yourself back massage?
    Testing area at the Slinky factory?

  28. asdf | 10:05 pm |

    Real translation:
    Be careful, the ground is slippery.

  29. eir | 8:40 am |

    This sign looks as if somebody didn´t slide carefully.

  30. KribyMairo12354 | 5:44 am |

    You must drop down, please watch to that you break your skull.

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