They’ll never make us nap!

posted on 29 Feb 2016 in Clothing


All I said was, “put your toys away”

Photo courtesy of Travis Ruetenik.
Hat found in Japan. 

Are you sure that surgery is necessary?

posted on 28 Feb 2016 in Signs


Photo courtesy of M.F.

Sanctioned Misanthropy

posted on 27 Feb 2016 in Containers


No, we don’t recycle nonconformists.

Photo courtesy of Alexei Stephenson.
Found at Kyoto train station, Japan.

They didn’t listen to their parents

posted on 26 Feb 2016 in Chinglish, Menus


Photo courtesy of Mary Poa.
Spotted in Hong Kong.

Chinese Blarney Stone just wants to be friends.

posted on 25 Feb 2016 in Chinglish, Signs


Photo courtesy of Jonathan and Nitzan.
Found in Zhangjiajie, China. 

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