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posted on 20 Oct 2016 in Chinglish, Signs


C’mon it’s just one step…

Photo courtesy of Joris van Drooge.
Taken in Sichuan Province, China.

37 captions

  1. algernon | 4:02 am |

    That taking it to the edge

  2. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:04 am |

    CAUTION: Carefully fall into urinal

  3. algernon | 4:05 am |

    All the best for fresh air urination

  4. Droll not Troll | 4:08 am |

    One small step for a man, one giant leak for mankind.

  5. Droll not Troll | 4:10 am |

    Just a wee bit closer, guys.

  6. Droll not Troll | 4:12 am |

    Stand closer to the bowl and you will be our #1 customer.

  7. Yu No Hoo | 4:15 am |

    We aim to please.
    You aim too, please.

  8. Droll not Troll | 4:16 am |

    When urinating, be sure it all goes in the china, not just China.

  9. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:16 am |

    The next step must be No. 2 step

  10. Droll not Troll | 4:17 am |

    Men: Please stand close; it may be shorter than you think.

  11. algernon | 4:19 am |

    Well what would Donald do

  12. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:24 am |

    I suppose it’s not so civilized to step a little more further to push to flesh?

  13. Big Fat Cat | 4:49 am |

    Who wants to pee step forward!

  14. Frank Burns | 5:25 am |

    “My aim is true.”

  15. Marum | 5:28 am |

    A representative of the World Sperm Bank visited Aust recently. He stated that there should be at least 10,000 potential doners ib Australia.

    But they don’t appear to be coming forward.

  16. Seventy2rd o clock | 5:29 am |

    Must be one of those One-Step programs

  17. Marum | 5:37 am |

    My lady used to think it was funny to try to aim mine. Which only proved she was corretly detinied to be a woman. Her aim was miles worse than mine. She also forgot to raise the seat too..

  18. Marum | 5:40 am |

    However. It is not civilized to take too many steps forward, and pee into the nearest diner’s coffee cup.

  19. Droll not Troll | 6:04 am |

    The Sichuan two-step is a dance that may be performed with one’s legs crossed.

  20. The Dude | 6:14 am |

    So it is true, asians have to stand closer to the urinal.

  21. Yu No Hoo | 6:18 am |

    Hurry up the urinal cakes.

  22. J-Luke | 7:19 am |

    Watch out when you see this sign at the edge of a cliff…

  23. jjhitt | 11:09 am |

    That’s how Rome fell. They pee’d on their shoes.

  24. Big Fat Cat | 11:09 am |

    and I thought only people are told to “Step right up” at the circus.

  25. PeeBee | 11:43 am |

    Don’t dribble or urine trouble.

  26. Frank Burns | 1:17 pm |

    That’s not the Golden Arches I was thinking of.

  27. Droll not Troll | 6:13 pm |

    @Long Tom | 4:36 pm: Interesting website!

  28. Long Tom | 7:16 pm |

    @Droll Not Troll It’s an art website, and yes, I commissioned this picture.

  29. RT | 7:34 pm |

    caveman: “grunts *moves backward far away from the urinal before urinating

  30. EffEff | 4:46 am |

    That sign says it politely. Nobody needs to see your hairy little putz when you take a piss.

  31. Marum | 7:52 pm |

    @Long Tom. Is there any signifigane to the Fox?

  32. McBee | 9:36 am |

    One small step for civilization, one huge leap for urine.

  33. Long Tom | 3:26 pm |

    @Marum I have a science fiction series out about animal-people (like the fox) who come and visit Earth, originally intending to satirize the human furry culture. Originally adult entertainment, I made it more family-friendly afterward. A cartoon artist did this one I commissioned, as well as a number of others.

  34. I don’t have the heart to make fun of this sign. I wouldn’t even call it Engrish.

  35. zankhana | 6:25 am |

    Reminds me of the Prince Ying Tong who had the embarrassing habit of “splashing his boots” on a regular basis. Courtiers struggled to advise him and bring the problem to an end until one enterprising artisan created a beautiful pedestal adorned with the face of a dragon whose eyes were at the exact height of Ying Tongs knee. He was directed that in the future he was to aim directly at the eye of the dragon, and soon his boots were dry every time. Thus was created what came to be known as the Ying Tong piddle eye po.

  36. mindance | 11:45 am |

    Urinal: the craddle of civilization…

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