The Zen of Paris.

posted on 26 Dec 2016 in Chinglish


The only place I eat wasabi baguettes…

Photo courtesy of Steve Kaye.
Found in street market in China.
Mountain in background is Mt. Fuji (Japan).

Merry Throlling Christmas!

posted on 24 Dec 2016 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Spotted in Tokyo. 

Where’s your brother, WeeWee?

posted on 23 Dec 2016 in Clothing


I’m afraid to ask what Peko means…

Photo courtesy of Steve Kaye.
Child’s t-shirt found in SE Asia.

Do you have anything a little cheaper?

posted on 22 Dec 2016 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish


Just turn it over…just like new!

Photo courtesy of Luke Thomas Durkin.
Found in China. 

Because turtles

posted on 21 Dec 2016 in Chinglish, Clothing


I’m not saying.

Photo courtesy of Steve Kaye.
Found in China.

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