If these aren’t diapers, I’m outta here.

posted on 17 Apr 2017 in Chinglish, Signs


Ironically, the store has no restroom.

Photo courtesy of Ben Cunningham.
Spotted in Taiwan.

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  1. algernon | 4:01 am |

    I like them brown a curly

  2. Pete | 4:03 am |

    Or perhaps NOT so ironically, webmaster…

  3. algernon | 4:04 am |

    It’s amazing what you can sell off the sidewalk

  4. Droll not Troll | 4:12 am |

    No, thanks, I prefer jelly babies.

  5. Marum | 4:13 am |

    That is the one, after number one, and nummber two.

  6. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:13 am |


    First baby = heterotohetero
    Second baby = heterotobi

  7. Marum | 4:15 am |

    That must be the number for that yellow crap they produce – like thick custard.

  8. Droll not Troll | 4:16 am |

    And that, children, is why you should never have anal sex.

  9. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:16 am |

    She’s turd, no sh*t

  10. Marum | 4:19 am |

    The only Bitobi I can find is Domaine Vitobi. I assume it is in French Quebec. Not that I would know one side of Quebec from another.
    Any Canadians here?

  11. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:19 am |

    To bi or not to bi?

  12. Yu No Hoo | 4:21 am |

    I’m worried, he looks a little flushed.

  13. Long Tom | 4:32 am |

    A former coworker of mine told me of working at “Toys R Us” and having had to clean up baby puke all the time.

  14. Marum | 4:39 am |

    @Long Tom 0432. My oldest daughter worked at the branch in Aspley.
    (Brissie suburb)

    THe staff referred to the joint as; “Toys are US”.

    US = Unserviceable.

  15. Marum | 4:43 am |

    @DnT 0416. The homosexuals now have a contraceptive.

    It prevents having backward children.

  16. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:48 am |

    Turd time yucky

  17. Droll not Troll | 5:33 am |

    Watch him crap his hands!

  18. Big Fat Cat | 5:52 am |

    With the new referendum, Turkey is not Turdey.

  19. Droll not Troll | 6:17 am |

    Free delivery!

  20. Chris | 7:08 am |

    What happened to the foist and tecond baby?

  21. Geo | 9:38 am |

    This store is located on the turd floor of the shopping complex.

  22. Geo | 9:56 am |

    @Marum | 4:19 am
    I suspect that the name “Vitobi” has Native American roots. However, even as a Canadian, I have no knowledge of which particular nation that name originates. I can assure you, though, that it isn’t some obscure Cree (nation to the south of the Hudson Bay) slang for “turd”.

  23. Vulcan64 | 12:51 pm |

    So a regular baby?

  24. Lora | 12:57 pm |

    Must be where Ren and Stimpy shop for their “baby” in that Adult Party cartoon. (which I strongly advise not to watch if you value your sanity and ability to keep down solid foods)

  25. Droll not Troll | 5:21 pm |

    @Marum and Geo: Try assuming that the circled b has a significance of its own. It then turns out that Itobi is a real surname (African, I assume) and also the name of a place in Brazil.
    The Turd Baby brand is apparently used by a Chinese company selling goods from vending machines.
    The why of all this escapes me, but hey, since when did use of English words by Chinese have to make sense?

  26. jjhitt | 6:30 pm |

    Turd baby comes after decond baby, which is after the fust baby.
    Unless you had twinths.

  27. Marum | 7:06 am |

    @DnT and Geo.
    Yup! I did find an itobi in Brazil. However Portugese is to an Espanol reader, such as Tokpisin is to an English reader….- Maddening. One feels one should be able to understand it – but never – quite.

  28. Long Tom | 4:43 pm |

    @Marum 0439:I thought toys were supposed to break after five minutes when little kids handle them!

  29. DrLex | 4:09 am |

    This looks like a crappy product.

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