Till up on wine while you wait…

posted on 26 Jun 2017 in Chinglish


Triendly service, too!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Materials.
Found in China.

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  1. DrLex | 4:02 am |  Vote: Add rating 13  Subtract rating 0  

    If the wine looks suspiciously like used brake fluid, that is just pure coincidence.

  2. algernon | 4:04 am |  Vote: Add rating 8  Subtract rating 0  

    A lovely penot greece.

  3. algernon | 4:05 am |  Vote: Add rating 8  Subtract rating 0  

    I love a wine that smells like axle grease

  4. Marum | 4:12 am |  Vote: Add rating 12  Subtract rating 0  

    The whine comes after you get the bill.

  5. Yu No Hoo | 4:13 am |  Vote: Add rating 6  Subtract rating 0  

    The sign maker was exhausted when he made that one.

  6. Marum | 4:14 am |  Vote: Add rating 8  Subtract rating 0  

    Salesperson: Red or white wine sir?

    Customer: Don’t you have any other colours?

  7. Marum | 4:16 am |  Vote: Add rating 10  Subtract rating 0  

    Looks like they are also selling flutes and wegetables.

  8. Marum | 4:18 am |  Vote: Add rating 14  Subtract rating 0  

    Our German mechanic will serve you.

    His name is Dirty Hans.

  9. Pete | 4:25 am |  Vote: Add rating 12  Subtract rating 0  

    Oh, those clever Chinese.
    I never knew you could make wine from a tamous!

  10. Pete | 4:26 am |  Vote: Add rating 8  Subtract rating 0  

    Speaking of which, what’s the plural?
    Tamouses? Tamice? Tameese?

  11. Droll not Troll | 4:35 am |  Vote: Add rating 3  Subtract rating 0  

    If your car develops a whine in the tamous, we can fix it!

  12. Droll not Troll | 5:02 am |  Vote: Add rating 6  Subtract rating 0  

    Selling Ifalian and Trench wines.

  13. Marum | 5:07 am |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 0  

    @Pete 0426. What’s wrong with tame mice? Rats are popular pets here in Oz. But they are not a great idea for the kids.


  14. Frank Burns | 5:25 am |  Vote: Add rating 3  Subtract rating 0  

    They’ll fix you car, but they move at a snail’s pace.

  15. Pete | 5:27 am |  Vote: Add rating 12  Subtract rating 0  


    I just think it’s novel that the same nation
    who invented rice wine
    also invented mice wine!

  16. Marum | 5:58 am |  Vote: Add rating 9  Subtract rating 0  

    BF. A mouse just drowned in my glass of wine.

    GF I hope the poor thing didn’t suffer.

    BF. I hardly think so. It got out three times to have a leak, and offered to fight the cat.

  17. McBee | 6:29 am |  Vote: Add rating 4  Subtract rating 0  

    Well, since the top sign also says the building houses a karaoke bar, why not?

  18. Long Tom | 7:42 am |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    Trouble is, by the time they fix your car, you’ll be too soused to drive it away!

  19. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:08 am |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    WARNING: Don’t Drive Drink

  20. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:13 am |  Vote: Add rating 4  Subtract rating 0  

    – Have you been driving, Madam?
    – Y-Yes, but why –
    – I see. Show me your drinking license, please.

  21. Lora | 8:40 am |  Vote: Add rating 8  Subtract rating 0  

    How do you catch a unique wine drinker? Unique up on ‘im.
    How do you catch a tamous wine drinker? Tame way, ‘tupid!

  22. Pete | 1:32 pm |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 0  

    @Lora 8:40,

    You have duly earned one of two nicknames with that last post:

    1) Tweety Bird


    2) Mel(anie) Blanc

    Got a preference?

  23. Marum | 10:37 pm |  Vote: Add rating 5  Subtract rating 0  

    Tamous is a little known region of Tuscany. Its beautiful Terra Rossa soils, and ancient vines produce small quantities of the finest Shiraz.

    The soft licorice and dark chocolate flavours, and subtle aftertaste of burnt Glycol, make this wine a Shiraz to die from.

  24. Marum | 10:41 pm |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 0  

    BTW. Conventional Brake Fluid is composed mainly of Glycol.

    Plus some Boric Acid, corrosion inhibitors and water.

  25. Marum | 11:21 pm |  Vote: Add rating 6  Subtract rating 0  

    @Lora & Pete 1332.

    Ignore him my dear, all that exposure to the orient has tucked his brian. 😉

  26. Marum | 11:48 pm |  Vote: Add rating 6  Subtract rating 0  

    Not to mention reoriented his thinking

  27. Pete | 6:35 am |  Vote: Add rating 7  Subtract rating 0  

    @Lora & Marum,

    Actually it wasn’t due to my experiences living in Asia.
    It’s my generation and my nation.

    Once I saw her post “Tame way, ‘tupid” there was literally no way for my brain to avoid remembering Tweety saying “I taught I taw a putty tat!”

    Mel Blanc did most of the animated character voices in Warner Bros’ Loony Tunes series….Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester the Cat…and Tweety Bird.

    The fact that I actually once had a primary care physician named Melanie Blanc didn’t help stay my impulse, either.


  28. Long Tom | 12:08 pm |  Vote: Add rating 2  Subtract rating 0  

    @Pete-What happened after Mel Blanc died?

  29. Marum | 3:52 pm |  Vote: Add rating 4  Subtract rating 0  

    @Pete 0635. You suffer with the same insane impulses I do obviously.

    As I parked the car one day at Albion (Brissie suburb) this doctor’ shingle came into focus. I had:
    Dr. Dingle
    Dr. Dingle.

    I thought: If the next one is Dong, I’m going to collapse. But it was Brown or something equally prosaic.
    I don’t know about you, but I would have sought a Vietnamese doctor named Dong, so the shingle could read thus: Dingle, Dingle, and Dong.

  30. Pete | 5:52 pm |  Vote: Add rating 6  Subtract rating 0  

    @Long Tom,

    Good Q. Y’know, I can’t remember which happened first:
    Did Blanc pass first or did WB stop making the original Loony Tunes first?
    I feel the surge of an internet search coming on….

  31. Lora | 10:41 am |  Vote: Add rating 5  Subtract rating 0  

    I’d like Tweety Bird to be my nickname for sure. An adorable blue-eyed little yellow bird, what could be better? Now who wants to be called Puddy Tat? :)

  32. iLock | 9:19 pm |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    I’m tucked…ugh, I drank too much.

  33. zankhana | 5:54 am |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    All beverages have been passed by the mechanic

  34. Peter | 3:08 pm |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    Not tor children under 18.
    Anyone under 18 caught buying wine will be heavily tined

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