Roll that mattress for me, honey…

posted on 31 Jul 2017 in Chinglish, Signs


It’s the only way to kill bedbugs!

Photo courtesy of Cole Miller.
Found in Beijing, China.

Harvest won’t be the same.

posted on 30 Jul 2017 in Clothing


Photo courtesy of John Hopper.
Children’s pajamas found in Japan. 

It’s comfortsble.

posted on 29 Jul 2017 in Clothing


Wind washed clothes never caught on…

Photo courtesy of Adriano Acioli.
Found in Nara, Japan.

Better do as the sign says…

posted on 28 Jul 2017 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Mike Degelbeck.
Found in Japan.

Have a little gompassion!

posted on 27 Jul 2017 in Chinglish, Clothing


I don’t feel likelost…

Photo courtesy of Woon Peng Ziady.
T-shirt spotted in Chengdu, China.

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