I’m love beginner–can low consumption help?

posted on 3 Aug 2017 in Chinglish, Signs


I discovered new life with their lighting.

Photo courtesy of Michael Moore.

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  1. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:03 am |

    No more off?

  2. Marum | 4:03 am |

    I say. Old chap. 50% off WHAT?

  3. Marum | 4:05 am |

    The “newlife” is probably lrsrning to llve with HIV.

  4. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:06 am |

    50% Love Beginning / 50% Low Consumption

  5. Marum | 4:06 am |

    EDIT learning

  6. algernon | 4:06 am |

    Is it battery operated

  7. algernon | 4:07 am |

    Cheap at half the price

  8. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:10 am |

    Big sale (Our big sale)

    Let us introduce our big sale.
    Our big sale is as follows:
    Big sale: 50% off
    This is our big sale.

    And yes, did we mention big sale?
    Really, this is big sale.

    For all those not following, this was our big sale.

  9. Marum | 4:11 am |

    I can understand “lighting”. But I could never really hear the music while making love.

    Low consumption makes sense though. No natter how much you consume each other, you’re still completely there next time.

  10. Yu No Hoo | 4:14 am |

    Save 50% at love beginning, lose 50% at love ending.

  11. Marum | 4:16 am |

    “High entertainment for family” “schoolmates and friends entertaining together”.

    The implication I get from that is, they are advocating Group Sex.

  12. Droll not Troll | 4:21 am |

    Fellowmen? No, thanks, I don’t swing that way!

  13. Droll not Troll | 4:24 am |

    I’m glad reservation is always welcome, because I have several reservations about this deal.

  14. Marum | 4:24 am |

    Abandon yourselves at the counter. 😚

  15. DrLex | 4:26 am |

    Advanced Hi-fi and lighting are the centerpiece of every good relationship.

  16. Marum | 4:30 am |

    Lose yourselves in gay abandon.

    GAWD!! Doesn’t the modern meaning of “gay” alter the meaning of that little instruction.

  17. Yu No Hoo | 4:34 am |

    I prefer crude lighting when I’m dating.

    Use a match, find a match.

  18. Droll not Troll | 4:48 am |

    I Love beginning but a happy ending is always welcome.

  19. Marum | 5:02 am |

    This lucky Aussie is entertaining his delightful Pinay lady. After they have finished, she gets up yo go to the bathroom to clean up, As she gets out of bed she farts.

    When she comes back for the second innings, she farts again as she gets into bed.

    Aussie; “What’s with all the farting?”

    Pinay lady: “My front hole is so happy, my back hole is clapping.”

  20. Droll not Troll | 5:03 am |

    When beginning love, remember : Hi-fi is short for High fidelity.

  21. Marum | 5:05 am |


    By order of the Management.

  22. Marum | 5:07 am |

    BTW I did it that way on purpose, rather than: “Any lovers found abandoned————-“

  23. Frank Burns | 5:14 am |

    “Hey family, fellowmen, schoolmates and friends. Meet our new girlfriend. I got her for 50% off at the big sale! Who’s first?”

  24. Droll not Troll | 5:50 am |

    I know what’s playing on the Hi-fi: “Love For Sale”.

  25. Droll not Troll | 5:53 am |

    @Marum | 5:05 am : Maybe management will make the abandoned lovers do it on a unicycle this time. 😛

  26. Marum | 6:24 am |

    @DNT 0553. Having once attempted once to ride a Unicycle (solo) once, thus incurring considerable damage to my hide. I would consider it to be impossible tandem, whilst in the throes of carnal delight. 😜

  27. Marum | 6:29 am |

    They are on a special, because they have all – ahem – been slightly used….Un poco

  28. Pete | 6:52 am |

    Advanced lighting?
    Does that mean the “headlights” turn on in advance?

  29. Marum | 4:31 am |

    @Pete above. Yes. Her tits flash on and off in the dark.

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