Do you have one in Minnfie?

posted on 4 Mar 2018 in Chinglish, Clothing


Photo courtesy of Casper Jensen.
Found in Taiwan. 

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  1. Eggrish | 4:02 am |

    I recognize some of those letters.

  2. algernon | 4:05 am |

    I’ll have the Trump T

  3. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:05 am |

    I think parts of ‘E’ simply fell off due to bad printing.

  4. Marum | 4:05 am |

    It is actually Mickey Mosul – Imshallah. (may his name be praised)

  5. algernon | 4:06 am |

    I guess he’s a rot

  6. Marum | 4:09 am |

    “Gee willkers Annette! You say you are a virgin, but you have a couple of grooves in your hymen.”

    ‘Yes Ken. That’s where Mickey had a try.’

  7. Marum | 4:11 am |

    @72rd 0405.

    Nein. It is Mick F–k You Mouse.

  8. Marum | 4:18 am |

    The fairy godmother enabled Cinderella to go to the ball.

    But she warned her.

    “If you are not home by midnight, your vagina will turn into a pumpkin.”

    Cinders rocks home at 0200 grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

    FG: “Didn’t you heed my warning?”

    “She’s apples.” giggles Cinders. “I went with Peter Peter.”

  9. Marum | 4:28 am |

    FYI in case you are too old to remember:

  10. Droll not Troll | 4:40 am |

    This would look good with my Tow and Jerky cap.

  11. Droll not Troll | 4:47 am |

    I guess the graphic on the red shirt is a TPFF, then.

  12. Droll not Troll | 4:51 am |

    The Chinese government is fanatical about censoring letters.

  13. Yu No Hoo | 4:54 am |

    Highly accurate with your mouth full of cotton candy.

  14. coffeebot | 5:46 am |

    Do you have anything with Mignnfie Mousl?

  15. Big Fat Cat | 6:19 am |

    That’s a conspiracy from Universal to defame Disney.

  16. Long Tom | 7:00 am |

    In high school, one man at our lunch table told the following joke:

    Q: What’s red, round, and has seven dents?

    A. Snow White’s cherry! (Trademark sarcastic laughter.)

  17. Marum | 7:24 am |

    He: “I hear you’re still a “cherry” my dear.”

    She: “I wouldn’t be so rash as to claim that! But I still have the box it came in.”

  18. Pete | 11:54 am |

    Seems Scroogf McDuck’s hoarding his letter E’s.

  19. Pete | 11:55 am |

    Mickify Mosul?
    Didn’t W. Bush already try that and fail?

  20. Pete | 12:02 pm |

    That 3rd letter looks an awful lot more like a “G” than a “C” to me.
    As in “M-I-G…”.

    Does this actually suggest we MIG-ify Mosul?
    ‘Coz it seems to me Comrade Pooty-poot has already gotten a jump on us with this one…

    Pazhalsta, Tovarich.

  21. Lora | 3:55 pm |

    There’s something Goofy about this shirt…

  22. Long Tom | 4:59 pm |

    @Pete: But H. Obama succeeded very well in USUS-ifying Mosul.

  23. Filboid | 3:15 pm |

    By that talented cartoonift, Walf Disnly.

  24. Peter | 9:33 pm |

    Meanwhile Minnfy is wearing a blousl

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