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posted on 20 Mar 2018 in Toiletries


Like common sense only better.

Photo courtesy of Ferrous Finch.
Found in Japan. 

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  1. algernon | 4:05 am |

    Wipe anyway you like

  2. algernon | 4:06 am |

    Use anyway you like

  3. Yu No Hoo | 4:10 am |

    Put it in, take it out.

  4. seventy2rd o clock | 4:11 am |

    Sense up, Sensei down.

  5. Droll not troll | 4:19 am |

    I sense a disturbance in the package.

  6. Frank Burns | 4:56 am |

    Who farted?

  7. Yu No Hoo | 5:32 am |

    Can I use your time? I don’t have any.

  8. Marum | 5:41 am |

    Yes. I imagine, a little sense could be quite useful.

  9. Marum | 5:48 am |

    This very pretty PNG lady in very tight short shorts, was working in the Bakery store.
    Every young bloke who came in asked for Raisin Bread, which happened to be on the top shelf. So each time she had to climb a ladder to get it.

    So after 6 orders for Raisin Bread, she gets to this lapun who was waiting patiently.

    “I suppose your is raisin too?” she asks.

    No! Croaks the old boy. But I’m sure I felt it twitch a couple of times.

  10. Marum | 5:50 am |

    Have you posted your letters lately?

  11. DrLex | 5:59 am |

    Are these wet wipes? I wouldn’t use these just anywhere, any time…

  12. Marum | 10:40 am |

    EDIY = yours is raisin.

  13. Long Tom | 2:44 pm |

    It’s not Engrish as such, though the package does not say in English what exactly the product is. Facial tissues? Wet wipes?

  14. Pete | 4:00 pm |

    Will translate it tomorrow.
    No time today.

  15. Droll not troll | 4:33 pm |

    Hey, wassup?

  16. Yu No Hoo | 5:10 pm |

    Any other brand is non sense.

  17. Droll not troll | 1:14 am |

    Sense up probably is the sense God gave a goose!

  18. DrLex | 6:12 am |

    Since the Kanji are the same as Chinese Hanzi, I can read “hot day”, “sweat”, “skin grease” (aka sebum), and “absorb”. So my guess is that these are just dry wipes optimized for absorbing sweat.

  19. Pete | 10:13 am |

    Sorry folks. Very busy past few days. Dr. Lex did a great job applying his knowledge of Chinese to this one.

    Here’s a translation:

    Top Line: Ultra-Strength Grease-lifting paper

    Red Oval Next to it: Natural film type (type of paper, I guess)

    Red Bar Under it: I can’t see the leftmost Kanji clearly, too blurry. The rest of that sentence is about the power of its absorbency. Then it says “100% Natural “Ah mah” use. (No clue what “Ah Mah” is. Will consult with a Japanese I know later today.

    Red text underneath that: “You can see (its) effectiveness! Strong on sweat, and (it) sucks up skin (grime).

    Bottom Red line of text: 7 times the absorbency. (According to our own company’s comparisons).

    Comparisons with their competitors’ products, I guess.

    As to what the name “Sense Up” has to do with this, I’m as mystified as the rest of you. Maybe they’re suggesting it makes “sense” to use it.

  20. Marum | 10:48 am |

    @Pete above.

    I think from reading many such things, and of course being an engineer.

    sense up = wick up or similar.

    Referring to the natural capillary action of the material, to soak up whatever it is designed to do. Like the way a wick soaks up Kerosene, so the kero can burn above the tank (reservoir)

    As far as the “7 times more absorbent”, that is like a politicians promises. What was their baseline for the test? Greaseproof paper? Cellophane? The hide of the Gila monster?

    Regards….Marum. (El jugador de ajedrez)

  21. Marum | 11:27 am |

    BTW. I believe “AH Mah” is a type of cake. (Traditional?)

  22. Marum | 11:30 am |

    Hey! It’s not “Baking Paper” is it?

    The stuff you line cake tins with.

  23. Droll not troll | 5:17 pm |

    This product is widely used by Trumpers. It soaks their sense up.

  24. Marum | 5:13 am |

    @DNT above.
    Then our pollies must buy it by the shipload.

    That is being charitable, and assuming they had some sense to begin with.

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