Her eyes are not the problem…

posted on 30 Jun 2018 in Stationery


If your heart catches fire: she may be a Gorgon.

Photo courtesy of Emily Nielson.
Stationery from Korea.

Choice life!

posted on 29 Jun 2018 in Menus


I choice you!

Photo courtesy of Elise Bruels.
Menu found in Japan. 

Miss Bobbit will now see you…

posted on 28 Jun 2018 in Signs


Just a lil off the end.

Photo courtesy of Doug Grude.
Found in Japan. 

For those really important lists…

posted on 27 Jun 2018 in Household Items


I told you I don’t like touching lists.

Photo courtesy of Don Burijin.
Found in Japan. 

Can I get a cup that’s not so snarky?

posted on 26 Jun 2018 in Chinglish, Toys


I think I’ll put this on the.

Photo courtesy of David Tilley.
Toy box from China. 

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