No thanks, my song already ate.

posted on 19 Jul 2018 in Signs


Do you have anything for dancing stomach?

Photo courtesy of Liam Gobbert.
Found in Japan. 

This donut tastes meaty…

posted on 18 Jul 2018 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Laura S.
Found in Japan. 

And by stamping I mean pooping…

posted on 17 Jul 2018 in Clothing, Engrish from Other Countries


Please keep your dog from ‘stamping’ in my yard.

Photo courtesy of Kaileigh Snyder.
T-shirt found in Korea. 

Human technology is my favorite.

posted on 16 Jul 2018 in Bags/Packaging


Now I can’t have kids…

Photo courtesy of Justin Hicks.
Tennis racket cover found in Japan.

Please don’t get them mixed this time.

posted on 15 Jul 2018 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs


Vinh Binh was years away from free toilets…

Photo courtesy of Pat Kal.
Found in Vietnam. 

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