Proprietors: Dick and Harry

posted on 26 Jul 2018 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Mark Woeppel.
Found in Yokohama, Japan. 

Who posted this?

posted on 25 Jul 2018 in Chinglish


After the bill, you’ll know why.

Photo courtesy of M. Waltner.
Found in China.

You will obey the rules of gravity.

posted on 24 Jul 2018 in Chinglish, Signs


China sucked all the joy out of hopping…

Photo courtesy of M. Waltner.
Found in China. 

Put boo in your poo

posted on 23 Jul 2018 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Michael Degelbeck.
Found in Tokyo. 

Wait, I think I left the ions on…

posted on 22 Jul 2018 in Instructions


I told you never use electric kiln near the baby!

Photo courtesy of Lianne Cheng.
Found in Vietnam.

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