Don’t cover that load!

posted on 25 Sep 2018 in Instructions, Signs

Shelf also becomes a flotation device.

Photo courtesy of Chris. 
Found in Japan at public bath. 

Let’s God together!

posted on 24 Sep 2018 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs

I don’t think monotheism means what you think it means.

Photo courtesy of Cari.
Found in Korea. 

Me either

posted on 23 Sep 2018 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Brad Glenn.
T-shirt found in Japan. 

More is more

posted on 21 Sep 2018 in Clothing

McDonald’s new campaign has some hitches.

Photo courtesy of Brad Glenn.
Hat found in Japan. 

That’s a strange club name…

posted on 20 Sep 2018 in Clothing

Wish this was a coed school.

Photo courtesy of Brad Glen.
Found in Japan. 

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