So, if you love things…

posted on 30 Oct 2018 in Bags/Packaging

Photo courtesy of Jeff Collins.
Found in Japan.

Don’t make mistake on your own…

posted on 29 Oct 2018 in Signs

We guarantee you’ll love your hair in 2 weeks!

Photo courtesy of James Hill.
Found in Japan. 

NO 124815

posted on 28 Oct 2018 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of James Mulkern.
Found in Japan. 

Is it baby season already?

posted on 26 Oct 2018 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs

Stop that rattle, it’ll only make it angrier.

Photo courtesy of Ian Shelton.
Found in South Korea.

Only in Hokkaido

posted on 25 Oct 2018 in Bags/Packaging

Photo courtesy of Huy Le. 
Found in Japan. 

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