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Photo courtesy of Erik Schomann.
Found in China. 

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  1. Running Comment | 4:04 am |

    – Why are you making confused noise ?
    – Uh….it was an unknown thing…but I did purchase a ticket sold in advance.
    – No matter, you need to check by telephone to a theater.

  2. Droll not Troll | 4:08 am |

    You mean like:
    What do we want?
    When do we want it?
    Sometime/ I dunno/ Next week?/ Nevermind.

  3. algernon | 4:29 am |

    I don’t understand

  4. algernon | 4:29 am |


  5. Droll not Troll | 4:33 am |

    Better to make confused signs when Engrishing

  6. Yu No Hoo | 4:34 am |

    Give chants a peace.

  7. Marum | 5:00 am |

    @DNT 0408.

    Q: What do you think of apathy?

    A: I don’t know, and I don’t give a f—.

  8. Marum | 5:03 am |

    A “chanter” goes on a bagpipe.

    Q. What is the difference between good bagpipe music, and bad bagpipe music ?

    A. Ten kilometres

  9. coffeebot | 5:17 am |

    When you chant: Be specific.

  10. Marum | 5:43 am |

    It is only when a mosquito starts biting on your testicles, that you realise there is a way of solving the problem, which does not include violence.

  11. Marum | 5:50 am |

    BTW Just don’t let your lady see it. She will immediately give the mozzie a mighty whack.

    They who do not have bollocks, completely overestimate the force needed incapacitate their owner.

    The only good thing….If she really loves you, she will kiss them better.

  12. Marum | 5:54 am |

    and better and better and better. WHOOOEEEE!!!!

  13. Pete | 7:52 am |

    Om mani padme HUH???

  14. Peter Chan | 11:45 am |

    Ok, let’s make some clarified noise when chanting.

  15. Garst | 12:13 pm |

    In this cult, you annunciate!

  16. Big Fat Cat | 1:25 pm |

    You get confused noises when you put Buddhist and Gregorian monks together.

  17. Frank Burns | 5:10 am |

    “We want quiet! We want quiet!”

  18. Enclave | 5:17 am |

    AOE monk: Wololo… wololo

  19. Marum | 8:50 am |

    Another good chant:


    O wa;

    O wa tjer;

    O wa tjer kiam. (repeat ten times)

  20. Marum | 8:58 am |

    These three blokes book into a monastery, to meditate for a few years.

    You are allowed to say one sentence a year, on the 1st of January.

    At the end of the first year, one bloke says. “Did you see that snake?”

    At the end of the second year, the second bloke replies. “That wasn’t a snake, it was a legless lizard.”

    At thee end of the third year, the third bloke says. “How can any bugger meditate, with you two dickheads rabbiting on about snakes and lizards?”

  21. Tom41 | 1:26 pm |

    I’m confused as to why there’s chanting in the first place…

  22. Marum | 4:01 pm |

    @tOM41 1328. Chanting, is the capital city of China’s new claimed territories, in the China Sea.

  23. Droll not Troll | 5:48 pm |

    It’s getting so’s we cant-a chant a mantra!

  24. Long Tom | 9:23 pm |

    It’s “Om”, not “Um”! Say it right!

  25. Marum | 3:48 am |

    Chanting and farting can be confusing.
    It becomes unclear which end to crap from.

  26. Marum | 3:53 am |

    @Long Tom 2123




    Thou shalt have no other umm Gods except me.

  27. Marum | 3:54 am |

    EDIT: Ummnipotent

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