Anything for Master!

posted on 8 Nov 2018 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Jennifer See.
Found in Itaewon, South Korea.

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  1. Droll not Troll | 4:11 am |

    Let’s certainly!

  2. Algernon | 4:33 am |

    Virtuous paper bag

  3. algernon | 4:55 am |

    Oh Master to be virtue

  4. Yu No Hoo | 5:00 am |

    I wouldn’t take this litterally.

  5. Droll not Troll | 6:36 am |

    How much certainly will fit in the standard paper bag, anyway?

  6. Marum | 7:04 am |

    Master Bates, should not write instructions during orgasms.

  7. Marum | 7:10 am |

    Not failing a responsibility in conduct of oneself, is a good habit to get into.

    However, if you get into too many habits….The Catholic Church will excommunicate you.

  8. Marum | 7:22 am |

    @DNT 0636.

    Two pecks, or one kenning, or half a bushel, or a petrige in a partree.

  9. Pete | 9:42 am |

    Standard paper bags and non-standard paper bags must never cross.
    Such would entail a fall in public virtue.

  10. Droll not Troll | 5:09 pm |

    Q. What do you get when you cross an act with a conscience?
    A. I dunno, but it’s not a politician.

  11. Droll not Troll | 5:13 pm |

    @Marum | 7:22 am: What is a kenning? Anything like a firkin?

  12. Droll not Troll | 5:20 pm |

    Please fall responsibly.

  13. Marum | 1:11 am |

    @DNT 0513. Very, very, old measure 1 kenning = 2 pecks, or half a bushel, approx 28lbs.

    I like the old measures, based on what an (average? man; citation needed) could carry in the field. As you probably already know, a bushel varied as to the produce carried: ie Wheat = 60lbs

    The modern scientific standards are so trite – rated at 27 degrees Celcius at 14.7lbs atmospheric pressure.

    Why do we need such accuracy for the tangible world we live in? Fair ’nuff for scientific calculations.

    Though a man of science myself, can you imagine the Rubiyat of Omar Kahyam

    A 33.8140227 US fluid ounces of wine beneath the bough.
    A 2lb cooked of bread (Aust Dept of Weights and Measures),and thou,
    And though beside me singing in an area with no recognisable form of street lighting (Qld Traffic Act)
    If (see previous definition) were Paradise enow.


  14. Marum | 1:14 am |

    EDIT; And thou beside me.

    By then I was beside myself. Yes. I am know for keeping lousy company.

  15. Marum | 1:25 am |

    For those who really enjoy the details – or are simply masochists looking for a quick headache – an Imperial British Gallon was defined as the volume occupied by exactly 10 pounds of water of density 0.988859 gramme per millilitre weighed in air of density 0.001217 gramme per millilitre against weights of density 8.136 grammes per millilitre – got that?
    And if you still haven’t got the headache you were seeking, be aware that the capacity of a barrel has been defined in different ways over the years, being 31.5 gallons if it held wine, but 32 gallons when the contents were classed as ale and 36 gallons when beer!

    Now lets put it all together – and throw in a few more to make confusion complete. One Fluid Ounce (Fl. oz) is 1/160 of a Gallon
    One Gill is 5 Fl. oz or 1/32 of a Gallon
    One Pint is 4 Gills or 20 Fl. oz or 1/8 of a Gallon
    One Quart is 2 Pints or 8 Gills or 40 Fl. oz or 1/4 of a Gallon

    There is also a Pottle, which is 2 Quarts or 4 Pints.
    I’ve never heard it used but it’s an attractive thought:
    “Ho there, mine host, a pottle of your best ale!”
    Must try that in my local sometime . . .
    One Firkin is 9 Gallons
    One Kilderkin is 2 Firkins or 18 Gallons
    One Barrel is 2 Kilderkins or 36 Gallons

    In the wine trade they still use Hogshead, where it means 63 Gallons, but in the brewing industry it used to refer to 1.5 Barrels=54 Gallons.
    Similar disagreement exists with Pipe or Butt (126 Gallons of wine, but 3 Barrels=108 Gallons of beer). And although both trades agree that a Tun or Ton is 2 Pipes, that works out at 252 gallons of wine but 216 of beer.

  16. Marum | 1:31 am |

    IMP: 1 Gallon – 160 Fluid ounces.

    USA: 1 gallon – 128 Fluid ounces.

  17. Marum | 1:33 am |

    IMP: 1 Gallon – 160 Fluid ounces.

    USA: 1 gallon – 128 Fluid ounces.

    That nearly caused me to crash a Cessna 182

    The wing tanks carry 92 US Gallons. I made my Flightplan calculations on 92 Imperial Gallons

  18. Big Fat Cat | 1:00 pm |

    I have never come across any conscience trash so far.

  19. Long Tom | 3:56 pm |

    Wow! Self-disposing garbage!

  20. Joanne Gray | 2:40 pm |

    The spirit of Stanley Unwin lives on.

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