It can be exhausting…

posted on 12 Dec 2018 in Clothing

I also speak pickup and bike.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Towers.
T-shirt found in Japan. 

Subset of the Grumpy Old Man Slipper Series®

posted on 11 Dec 2018 in Clothing

For the retired man in your life…

Photo courtesy of Alexander Larson.
Slipper found in Japan. 

Fantasia FTW!

posted on 9 Dec 2018 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Alexander Larson.
T-shirt found in Japan. 

Gonna get some backlush on this…

posted on 7 Dec 2018 in Signs

At least wush your hands.

Photo courtesy of Ro Pirog.
Found in Japan. 

I have a feeling mama’s support wont last much longer…

posted on 6 Dec 2018 in Tattoos

Photo courtesy of RC West.

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