Sir, I’m noticing you for the last time.

posted on 24 Jul 2019 in Engrish from Other Countries, Signs

Photo courtesy of Genevieve Hilton.
Found in Hong Kong Airport Express.

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  1. Frank Burns | 8:45 am |

    Sounds like an invitation to the mile high club to me.

  2. Ageless | 9:10 am |

    Posted earlier on April 8th, 2019 under

  3. Eggrish | 10:58 am |

    Air Engrish prepare for takeoff.
    Next destination: where we’ve been to before.

    Thank for customer happy and no smorking please.

  4. sam | 1:57 pm |

    and after your hot cooperation, we will move onto our hot yoga session.

  5. Marum | 2:00 pm |

    I cannot promise you “hot” cooperation. But I have been told, it feels nice and warm.

  6. James | 4:50 pm |

    Thank you for your hot cooperation. If you could make that booty boom, it would be most appreciated and may expedite your passage through security.

  7. Droll not Troll | 5:23 pm |

    I’ve been waiting so long that my cooperation has started to congeal.

  8. algernon | 6:07 pm |

    I’m hot, I’m flying Korean

  9. algernon | 6:08 pm |

    Mile high services a priority

  10. Droll not Troll | 6:40 pm |

    Oh, so that’s the smell of hot cooperation? I thought it was just normal Korean air.

  11. Marum | 11:54 pm |

    Customer so happy, they crap hands.

  12. DrLex | 2:31 am |

    Hot cooperation is not to be confused with the situation where a flight attendant spills coffee on your lap.

  13. Marum | 4:16 am |

    @Dr Lex. 0231. ‘Tis indeed handy that airlines’ coffee is never hot.

    I never found pouring scalding-hot coffee over my nuts, to be all that therapeutic.

  14. Marum | 4:43 am |

    I double checked, to be sure

    BP of H2O at sea level = 212 degrees F. or 100C

    The BP changes 1 degree F for every 500 feet.

    Therefore: Aircraft are pressurised to 10,000 feet approx or a bit less.

    Thus:: H2O would boil at 10000 ft. (3048 m.) at 193 ºF 89.5 ºC

    So, by the time the coffee gets to you, it would not be all that hot.

    BTW. tea infuses at a minimum of 180 degrees F. So one does have all that much wiggle room, with tea.

    FYI. Stollen from a site that appears to be anonymous:: Water for white and green teas should generally be between 170 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Oolong should be brewed between 180 and 190. And black and herbal teas should be brewed between 208 and 212 degrees.

  15. Marum | 4:58 am |

    How to drive people mad. If someone, (eg. Your wife) nukes her coffee all the time, replace the sugar with aluminium powder.

    When she adds the (sugar) the water flies out of the cup.

    The water is still moving at 2,450 MHz, so the aluminium powder provides a “centre for nucleation”. Sugar tries to, but it fizzes a little, then dissolves. The aluminium powder does not dissolve.

  16. Marum | 5:29 am |


    Please delete the posting at 0458 above. nder the right/wrong circumstance, that could be dangerous.

    Por favor caballero….Marum.(el gato)

  17. Big Fat Cat | 7:02 am |

    Reminds me of my Korean classmate in grad school. He always pronoun corporation as copulation .

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