Mom, I run out dinner, can I go play?

posted on 28 Aug 2019 in Chinglish, Signs

Did I miss the cereal vehicle?

Photo courtesy of Lichius.
Found in Shanghai, China.

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  1. Running Comment | 4:09 am |

    A cutlery designated recovery vehicle…ideal for roadforks.

  2. DrLex | 4:12 am |

    I have run out of breakfast. I need more beer.

  3. Droll not Troll | 4:20 am |

    My breakfast hasn’t run out since I learned to close the doors and windows to stop it getting away before I try to eat it.

  4. Running Comment | 4:29 am |

    Run-out can usualy be controlled by using an appropriately positioned tail stock.

  5. Droll not Troll | 4:31 am |

    The preposition recovery vehicle left before the sign was printed.

  6. Droll not Troll | 4:52 am |

    The cooperation recovery vehicle will be here soon.

  7. Droll not Troll | 4:58 am |

    @RC 4:29 am: Chuck steak for breakfast?

  8. Marum | 9:16 am |

    Cutlery recovery vehicle?

    Yeah. A truckload of old forks.

  9. Marum | 9:23 am |

    @Running Comment 0429. So? Your breakfast “turns up” on a lathe?

  10. Marum | 9:27 am |

    Cooperation Ah. Coopers Beer and Stout. Love the Stout. Their Beer? Take it or leave it.

  11. Marum | 11:56 am |

    They also provide an absolutely scrumptious cu-t lunch.

  12. Marum | 11:57 am |

    Just ring room service and ask for Mai Li.

  13. Droll not Troll | 8:15 pm |

    @Marum 0923: That’s why they call it a breakfast bar.

  14. Droll not Troll | 8:22 pm |

    The recovery policy has been successfully implemented.

  15. Droll not Troll | 8:25 pm |

    @Marum 0927: I agree with you on Cooper’s beer, and I live in their home state. It’s OK, but I’ve had better.

  16. Marum | 9:51 pm |

    @DnT 0825. Bit picky on the grog I imbibe. I always keep three or four different beers and stouts on hand. Plus wine, and best of all, Laphroaig Scotch….Fine drop from the skerries..

    If you like a a very light coloured drop, try the German Schnitzerbräu. It is absolutely beautiful, and looks great in the right glass. I have a St Paddy’s Guinness glass dated St Patrick’s Day 1998.

    I am not sure what the name means. Ein Schnitzer = a Woodcarver, deshalb; A Woodcarvers Brew..

    But Schnitzer can also = a mistake, or stuff up. So thus we have The Mistake Beer, or the; Boo boo Brew. (my idea there)

    Prost….Marum.(Die biergetränkte Katze)

  17. Marum | 12:04 am |

    BTW. It may not be to your taste because it uses millet not barley, but I also like wheat beers, like Redback from the Matilda Bay Brewing Co.
    I am, at the moment, having a glass of Beez Neez. Brewed with honey as the principal sugar.

  18. Droll not Troll | 1:05 am |

    @Marum: I love wheat beers! BeezNeez is good but my current fave is the Franziskaner range, especially the Dunkel.

  19. Marum | 1:51 am |

    @DnT @0105.. ” C” Never seen it. Must look for it.

    Also, a colloquial use of Schnitzer, I think, is mischievous. Natürlich I do not speak colloquial Deutsch, for the obvious reason. Ich bin ein Australien.

    I have never been to Germany, even though I have dealt with many a German engineer, in my job. One who came out here, I filled up with Fourex one night. He reckoned It was “horth pith”. He was not far wrong. All bottom fermentation, continuous process ales, designed with no shelf life for instant drinking in pubs, leave a lot to be desired.

  20. Marum | 3:22 am |

    Edit’: “C” was Franziskaner. No idea what happened there.

  21. Droll not Troll | 4:12 am |

    @Marum: Do you have Dan Murphy’s shops up there? They carry Franziskaner. Or are there any areas inhabited by lots of German settlers? It would probably be found there.
    I even saw some in California, although I didn’t see the Dunkel there. A pity, as it would be much cheaper there.

  22. Marum | 4:46 am |

    @DnT Yes. Just last night I was there buying some beer, but I did not see it. This Redbank area is a lower socio-economic area. Thus they do not have a great range of the better/ costlier beers.

    You may know it already, but the name Fraziskaner is an homage to the Franciscan Monks, and their skill at making beer.

    How’s this for a name Franciscan Monks in Poland: Szczyrzycki Brewery.

    \Try asking for that when you are one over the eight.

  23. Marum | 7:10 am |

    I know a family of Polish people. I will ask them.

    I once asked how Kosciuszko (The mountain) was pronounced. I know I have not got it correct, but it was something like Kos-shoo- scar.

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