and it thinks what have I done with my life?

posted on 10 Sep 2019 in Menus

Noodle in a mouth, breathe, repeat.

Photo courtesy of Rick Hancock.
Found in a Sapporo train station. 

11 captions

  1. DrLex | 4:05 am |

    Instructions unclear, now I have noodles up my nose. The sniffling is there though.

  2. Droll not Troll | 4:08 am |

    If you need to write menus, wait until you’re soba.

  3. Droll not Troll | 4:37 am |

    If buckwheat noodles are put into other body cavities, expect even stranger reactions.

  4. algernon | 5:02 am |

    Goodness the noodles are alive

  5. algernon | 5:04 am |

    What next, the noodles talk.

  6. Marum | 2:58 pm |

    You may well put buckwheat noodles in your mouth Tojo.

    I wouldn’t even stick them up mu bum.

  7. Marum | 3:07 pm |

    Edit. my not mu.

    These instructions were wrotten by a f–kwheat.

  8. Marum | 8:45 pm |

    Speaking of breaths.

    The doc sticks his stethoscope on the chest of a young lass, and says: “Now, big breaths.”

    She says: “Yeth. And I’m only thixteen.”

  9. Droll not Troll | 10:58 pm |

    Archaic noodles: “Have at you, breath!”

  10. Marum | 12:58 am |

    Verily, I do say unto thee:

    The wages of Gin, is breath.

  11. Tom41 | 11:13 am |

    Not into YOUR mouth, just into A mouth…

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