Ham oa a moss come with Swiss?

posted on 13 Sep 2019 in Clothing

I failuse to see the point…

Photo courtesy of Warren Valdmanis.
T-shirt found in Hong Kong. 

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  1. Algernon | 4:08 am |

    So many words, so little meaning

  2. Algernon | 4:10 am |

    The manning of lif, how wood now

  3. Running Comment | 4:18 am |

    Inebriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity.

  4. Droll not Troll | 4:23 am |

    Too much of that corty sweetaner can soften one’s brian.

  5. Droll not Troll | 4:58 am |

    What’s the best direction to olve, then?

  6. Droll not Troll | 5:00 am |

    You never can tell, but, if you really try, you can be a pain in the ask!

  7. Conventi | 5:39 am |

    “Wiole Thers is life thexe is hofs”. That happens if your OCR Scanner is from the 1980s.

  8. Droll not Troll | 5:58 am |

    Mind= Hrown!

  9. Eggrish | 12:41 pm |

    Engrish will set you grammar free!

    Hrow you intelligence away!

    Be Peace! Be sweetener!

  10. Marum | 4:18 pm |

    From the Holly F–k! range of T Syrts.

  11. Marum | 4:24 pm |

    A rolling synonym gathers no mining.

  12. Marum | 5:46 pm |

    Who is Hammond Amoss?

  13. Droll not Troll | 10:54 pm |

    60% polyester
    20% coherent

  14. Marum | 1:54 am |

    The remaining 20% = bull-dung?

  15. Droll not Troll | 2:02 am |

    “Thexe” is what you call it when your tongue is busy.

  16. Marum | 2:29 am |

    @Conventi 0539. Amongst the various pieces of crap, and utter rubbish I worked on in the Electronics Industry, were those early OCRs.

    They were powered by a Gas Laser, about 16″ long and about 2″ thick, and had its own power supply. Unless one was very lucky, it took about a day to focus and align.The laser also had a bad habit of drifting, which necessitated constant re-aligning.

    Totally unlike the totally reliable solid-state lasers we have today. Which are not really a laser at all, but a “super dooper” LED, with the output passed through a collimating lens, to make the light output parallel.

    FYI: Collimating lenses are optical lenses that help to make parallel the light that enters your optical setup. These lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling….Unquote. (From my old Optics Prackbook of some 60 years ago)

    That early garbage so scarred my psyche, that even today, I steer clear of OCRs and all similar devices – like the Plague.

  17. Marum | 2:39 am |

    BTW. They were infrared, 690 – 720 nanometres. Thus, to add to their sins, were invisible. That was in the days before the Cadmium plated Laser Viewers. (Like a night-sight on a rifle.

    The nanometre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures; SI symbol: nm) or nanometer (American spelling) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth (short scale) of a metre (0.000000001 m).

  18. Marum | 3:01 am |

    Darn. Short scale (USA) 1 billion = 1,000 million (now universally accepoted)

    Normal scale 1 billion = 1 million X 1 million or 1 million squared.

    therefore = 0.000 000 000 001 or 1 000 000 000 000

  19. Frank Burns | 4:57 am |

    See, I told you to stay away from the brown acid.

  20. Marum | 8:43 am |

    @FB 0457 I thought Lysergic Acid Diethylmide, was a clear colourless liquid, with a slightly bitter taste.

    Other than its chemical, and physical properties, I know nothing about it.

    Which proves either of two things:

    1. It works perfectly.

    2. I have never taken it.

  21. Marum | 10:52 am |

    @FB. Woodstock 1969. The “brown acid” was badly made. (unrefined) This is the trouble with “street drugs”. You are putting your life in the hands of people, of whom, you have no idea of their qualifications. (if any). Or the dealers ,who may have “cut” it, with God knows what.

    Of course dealers – who by definition are criminals – would not be so unscrupulous. WOULD THEY???

  22. Marum | 10:53 am |

    Or it may have been DOM not LSD.

  23. Marum | 11:19 am |

    Zlso known as STP. But don’t use in your engine. It will cause it to lose its bearings. Much the same as you will, if you use it.

  24. Marum | 11:21 am |

    Zlso = also. – time to go to bed.

  25. Droll not Troll | 8:07 pm |

    @Marum 1121: When your typing fingers start to snore: ZZZZZZZZZZ………. ­čśŤ

  26. Droll not Troll | 8:42 pm |

    People who blame LSD for flashbacks have no experience of hospital gowns.

  27. Marum | 10:53 pm |

    @DnT 2007hrs. OH! I though they were attempting to type in Polish.

  28. Marum | 11:02 pm |

    ie. How would one pronounce; Szczyrzycki Brewery?

    Just south of Krakow apparently – Cistercian Monks.

  29. markm | 5:41 am |

    @Marum: There is an article on Polish orthography in Wikipedia. The Latin alphabet was a very poor fit to Slavic languages, but in Poland they forced a fit by re-interpreting several letters, as well as creating new letters with diacritics, and letter pairs for one sound (like ‘th’ and ‘ch’ in English). (The Czechs did a different force fit, and Saint Cyril similarly but more consistently adapted the Greek alphabet for the Russians and Ukrainians.) Also, sometimes Polish leaves out the vowel, because it’s “obvious” what goes between consonants.

    Assuming there are no diacritics that you omitted from “Szczyrzycki”, it seems to break down as:

    Sz = z
    cz = ts (Apparently a vowel was omitted.)
    y = a vowel sound sort of like “uh”
    r = r
    z = z (Perhaps pronounced slightly differently than sz?)
    c = ts
    k = k
    i = i

    So it approximates “Zisterzutski”. It was the Germans that brought Cistercian monks to Poland, so the Poles first heard this as something like “Zisterzienser”. They translated the ending to “ski”, and rendered the rest as phonetically as practical.

  30. Marum | 11:24 pm |

    Gracias mi amigo. ‘Tis “un poco” clearer now. That explains why Russian seemed closer to Greek to me. Not that I have any skills in any Cyrillic languages, and Polish seemed to be a “black art”.

    I like German -so logical. I Like Espa├▒ol – similar to Ingles – but better. The best language to woo a lady in – although the Italians may differ. No normal woman can refuse anything you ask for in espa├▒ola, or it worked 120% or better on my querido.

    Once again, gracias hombre.

  31. Marum | 11:34 pm |

    Edit; La filipina querida. (filipina sweetheart)

  32. Marum | 11:45 pm |

    Which brings to mind, an extremely old and weak joke>

    Q. What did the Yank say to the hula dancer.

    A. Hey Gracias. (Grassy arse)

  33. EffEff | 8:42 am |

    Kidney stone in the mid stream!

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