Shwo me where this is…

posted on 22 Nov 2019 in Buildings, Signs

Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Found in Tokyo, Japan. 

12 captions

  1. Algernon | 4:13 am |

    We’re the chickens grilled before flying.

  2. Geo | 4:15 am |

    Bock, bock bockle your cock, cock, cockle

  3. Droll not Troll | 4:17 am |

    Q. Why did the chicken fly the house?
    A. It was skrewed if it didn’t.

  4. Droll not Troll | 4:18 am |

    This warms the cockles of my doodle.

  5. Algernon | 4:20 am |

    Skwereed is that a cockle doodle doo.

  6. Frank Burns | 6:04 am |

    “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” – Mr. Carlson

  7. Marum | 3:13 pm |

    A rooster says: Cock-a-doodle-doo.

    A prostitute says: Any-doodle’l-do.

  8. Marum | 3:23 pm |

    Q. Why did the chicken cross the road.

    A. To join the proletariat, to revolt against the Capatilist Running Dogs who ran the restaurant, and oppressed the chickens.


  9. Eggrish | 3:24 pm |


    Uh, waiter, I didn’t ask for this cockle doodle doo doo from the flying chicken.

  10. Marum | 3:40 pm |

    @FB 0604. We have a plague of Brush turkeys in Brissie. They constantly dig up the gardens to make their mounds. They are maddening to the avid gardeners. I have seen meek and mild little ladies, at 0500 on a summers morning, chasing Brush Turkeys round their yard with a broom. Screaming FAAARRRRK ORRFFF!!

    As a result of getting their prized gardens destroyed overnight.

    Unfortunately, the Brush Turkey (Alectura Lathami) is protected. I actually have a good recipe for them. Delicious.

  11. Droll not Troll | 11:15 pm |

    Skwere meals a specialty.

  12. DrLex | 3:45 pm |

    “It’s all processed chicken ass.”

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