Yes, I will am.

posted on 4 Nov 2019 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Joe F. 

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  1. algernon | 4:02 am |

    You bet I are

  2. algernon | 4:04 am |

    Who’s Will

  3. Droll not Troll | 4:22 am |

    No, I’m not feelin’ Lucky Will. He should be so lucky!

  4. Marum | 4:54 am |

    Will indeed. Make it before I catch up with you. PUNK!

  5. Marum | 4:56 am |

    @algernon 0404. Yours?

  6. Marum | 5:00 am |

    well….Marum.(Die grammatikalisch Katze)

  7. Marum | 5:03 am |

    Hehehe. Ich bin ein grammatikalisch Nazikatze.

  8. Frank Burns | 6:00 am |

    Rumble Loners: Fight with their own conscience.

  9. Marum | 6:30 am |

    He used to bash gays. But he lost too many fights.

    One could say: “He got punched around the ring too much.”

  10. Marum | 7:09 am |

    Actually, this caption is rather pertinent to me. I went to an ATM about 0130hrs a few years ago. It was quite dark there, and a young bloke appeared, and said. “You better give me the money, Pops!”

    So I reeled back in apparent shock, raised my hands and the money fluttered to the ground. He, naturally, looked down. I grabbed him by his long hair, and slammed him into the concrete wall with one hand, and with the other one drew a razor sharp knife, I always carry in such areas.

    I didn’t stab him, just left a couple of very long, half inch deep slashes on his body. He screamed and ran off. I hope, I may have caused him to reconsider his intended employment. Couldn’t be bothered reporting it to the police. Their normal mantra is; I was wrong. (Hmm. Just like the wife)

    Moral of the story: If you want to be a fighting man, don’t have long hair.
    Also. Don’t pick on old buggers. You may just find one, quite willing to take you with him.

  11. Geo | 3:02 pm |

    – Will are you?

  12. Marum | 7:25 pm |

    EDIT: grammatikalische (Nazi-Katze is still feminine gender)

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