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posted on 10 Mar 2020 in Clothing, Household Items

Photo courtesy of Chris Bryant.
Found in Kyoto, Japan. 

16 captions

  1. Marum | 4:08 am |

    For the love of cheeses.

  2. Marum | 4:11 am |

    I know! They’re Mohammed Ali’s boxing gloves.

    ie all powerful.

  3. Marum | 4:13 am |

    Color gloves, are not suitable for white honkeys.

  4. Marum | 4:17 am |

    My lady wants to know if they are “stick proof”.

    Don’t ask me why.

  5. Marum | 4:28 am |

    The omnipresent gloves, are on the top shelf in every section.

  6. Droll not Troll | 4:56 am |

    And on the Seventh day, God took off His working gloves and put on His slippers.

  7. Droll not Troll | 4:59 am |

    An omnipotent broad would be scary!

  8. Marum | 5:30 am |

    @DnT 0459. An omniscient one would be worse.

    Ie “you’re looking beautiful tonight.”
    ‘You’re just being nice because you want sex.’
    “You got that in one. How about it then.”
    ‘Ok. But you’d better be quick I want to watch survivor.’
    “Mmm. That was good.”
    ‘You’re just saying that to butter me up.’
    “That’s true. You actually make love like a slightly warm corpse. But it’s probably 10% better than masturbation.”
    ‘Let me predict your future. You’re not getting any for a month after that.’

  9. Droll not Troll | 5:40 am |

    I wonder what colour these gloves are when they’re working.

  10. DrLex | 8:35 am |

    It doesn’t seem like the color is working on these particular ones.

  11. James | 10:38 am |

    God does not get confused by Engrish — Alphabet Einstein

  12. algernon | 1:40 pm |

    For the love of everywhere

  13. algernon | 1:41 pm |

    Comes in any color you want provided its black

  14. Marum | 6:03 pm |

    The black ones come in the same colour as everyone else.

    Genetics works differently to that.

  15. Droll not Troll | 10:10 pm |

    A person may need to be omnipotent to be able to type while wearing these gloves.

  16. markm | 3:32 pm |

    Marum: “stick proof” gloves are resistant to being pierced by a hypodermic needle. It’s important for medical personnel working with a patient who may have a blood-borne disease. It became a big issue with AIDS, but even with something like drawing blood for a COVID-19 test, you want some protection against accidentally sticking yourself with the used needle.

    And it might also be useful to prevent sore fingers when transplanting a rose, for instance.

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