Engrish from Comics and Cartoons.

Don’t blame alien beans

posted on 8 Dec 2014 in Anime/Manga

He who smelt it, dealt it.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Hubbard.
Subtitle from Miyazaki’s “The Borrowers”. 

…and they spelled souvenir right

posted on 22 Aug 2010 in Anime/Manga

There is not the person whom I do not know who understands this…

Photo courtesy of M.S.
Found in Tokyo, Japan.

Keep on rockin’

posted on 23 Mar 2010 in Anime/Manga

Photo courtesy of ‘Wild Desu’.
From a Japanese anime.

Always seek mastary…

posted on 3 Mar 2010 in Anime/Manga

Bored readars…

Photo courtesy of ‘Wild Desu’.
Screenshot of the anime: “Cream Lemon: Escalation”.

To gleep: perchance to gream…

posted on 21 May 2009 in Anime/Manga


Photo courtesy of Tsunami Crae.
From Gundam Wing manga. 

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