Engrish from Comics and Cartoons.

To gleep: perchance to gream…

posted on 21 May 2009 in Anime/Manga


Photo courtesy of Tsunami Crae.
From Gundam Wing manga. 

Creepy manga

posted on 12 Feb 2009 in Anime/Manga

Photo courtesy of ‘The Rah-Bop’.
From a Japanese “How To Draw Manga” book. 

Some are charming…

posted on 26 May 2007 in Anime/Manga


Photo courtesy of Ryan Gilbert.

Badge found in Japan.

Spicy Comic

posted on 10 Nov 2004 in Anime/Manga

Soap is overrated…

Photo courtesy of ‘felesfatalis’.
Picture of a comic book (that has
nothing to do with Tabasco).

Status Clitical

posted on 21 Oct 2002 in Anime/Manga

10 million ‘decased’ is pretty clitical….


(From the Japanese animation ‘Gravion’.) 


Photo courtesy of Jon Peters.

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