Bags, boxes, packaging, wrapping paper, etc. – all made to look stylish with Engrish.

Who needs cookies?!

posted on 16 Dec 2017 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish, Snacks


Photo courtesy of Bill R.
Cookie box from China.

The adult butter world thanks you.

posted on 14 Dec 2017 in Bags/Packaging


Mmm this toast is kinda… sexy.

Photo courtesy of Dan M.
Potato chips found in Japan. 

Me drive you long time

posted on 22 Oct 2017 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish


Tied drivers should pull over…

Photo courtesy of Todd Orr.

Smells like Teansparent

posted on 21 Oct 2017 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish


Photo courtesy of J.P.
Fingernail decal package from China.

Your fashionable lifestyle is TOO specific.

posted on 17 Oct 2017 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish


No daughter of mine is wearing sparkphss on her prodnetions!

Photo courtesy of Joana Purves.
Found on a bag from China.

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