Bags, boxes, packaging, wrapping paper, etc. – all made to look stylish with Engrish.

Function as use it

posted on 4 Oct 2018 in Bags/Packaging, Chinglish, Household Items

Photo courtesy of Diego Frare.
Bought in Italy. Made in China.

The strongest sweetener known to man…

posted on 3 Oct 2018 in Bags/Packaging

Photo courtesy of Deanna and Michael Ferrante.
Found in Japan. 

Name one thing Play Life isn’t!

posted on 2 Oct 2018 in Bags/Packaging

Play Life is on sale.
Photo courtesy of Deanna and Michael Ferrante.
Bag found in Japan. 

King Nong was no mnonster!

posted on 30 Sep 2018 in Bags/Packaging

Is this the dictor’s cut?

Photo courtesy of Clyde Bear.
Bootleg DVD. 

If when harmness, fasten fidy.

posted on 15 Sep 2018 in Bags/Packaging, Instructions

I’ve been doing sauna wrong all along…

Photo courtesy of Arpa Joakim.

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