I’m feeling optimal, and you?

posted on 14 Apr 2016 in Books/Magazines, Chinglish


Photo courtesy of Jill Kramer.
Found in guest services book in Wuhan, China hotel. 

Stuck on an island with that equivocating girl…

posted on 17 Feb 2016 in Books/Magazines, Chinglish


I just know she’s going to marry Friday…

Photo courtesy of Michele Garramone.
Found in Chengdu, China.

I love youy guide!

posted on 20 Dec 2015 in Books/Magazines


Photo courtesy of Kaweewut Kiwi Wuttwipoo.

Lahguage emergency!

Don’t get ahgry.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Macklin.
Found in South Korea.

I don’t it get.

posted on 25 Dec 2014 in Books/Magazines

What did you Santa ask?

Photo courtesy of Phil Cigan.
Shopping flier found in Kyushu, Japan.
Originally posted Christmas 2010. 

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