There are quite a few buildings and building signs out there with Engrish. Here are a few hilarious examples of what you can find if you search hard enough.

Shwo me where this is…

posted on 22 Nov 2019 in Buildings, Signs

Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Found in Tokyo, Japan. 

Next to River Way Down.

posted on 2 Aug 2019 in Buildings

Be sure to visit Several Trees Park.

Photo courtesy of James Wilkinson.
Spotted in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Been trying to get in there…

posted on 19 Mar 2019 in Buildings, Signs

I left a tip for housekeeping… just the tip.

Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Found in Chiba, Japan. 

As featured in the dossier!

posted on 26 Feb 2019 in Buildings, Chinglish, Signs

Stay out of the hot tub.

Photo courtesy of Lance Marlo.
Found in Xi’an, China.

Merry Christmas

posted on 24 Dec 2018 in Buildings

We all Merry Christmas…

Photo courtesy of Pete Casella.
Originally posted 12.24.2004.

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