Candy and gum products in Japan are always in a state of flux with new examples coming on the market daily. Lately there hasn’t been as much Engrish – could they be wising up?

Is there anything candy can’t do?

posted on 30 Dec 2019 in Candy/Gum, Clothing

I got diabetes just wearing this…

Photo courtesy of David S. 
Tag found on a shirt in Japan. 

Blend until smooth.

posted on 15 Apr 2019 in Candy/Gum, Engrish from Other Countries

They’re tastier that way…

Photo courtesy of BN.
Found in the Philippines. 

She meant a lot to me…

posted on 28 Feb 2019 in Candy/Gum, Chinglish, Snacks

My mom was a peach.

Photo courtesy of Robert Gram.

Dutch ass can’t compare.

posted on 29 Dec 2018 in Candy/Gum, Signs

This ass can’t be beat!

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Bock.

That’s my kind of honey…

posted on 7 Aug 2018 in Candy/Gum


I mean homey. Homey coming.

Photo courtesy of Bob Kallister.
Chocolate found in Japan. 

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