Candy and gum products in Japan are always in a state of flux with new examples coming on the market daily. Lately there hasn’t been as much Engrish – could they be wising up?

Milk Chocolate

posted on 6 Apr 2005 in Candy/Gum

Best I ever trined…


Photo courtesy of Charles Kanuh.


posted on 26 Jan 2005 in Candy/Gum

From the makers of Asslis…


Photo courtesy of Cal Seaman.

Beer Choco

posted on 3 Feb 2004 in Candy/Gum, Drinks

Just the thing to wash down my beef gum…


Photo courtesy of Randy Schmidt.

Hello Kitty

posted on 31 Jul 2003 in Candy/Gum

My, what a pretty collon you have! 


Photo by John Smoke.


posted on 14 May 2003 in Candy/Gum


Photo courtesy of Tony Chan.

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