Chinglish is a commonly used term for Chinese Engrish from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Examples are for the most part mistranslated signs and products. Although not as creative as Engrish from Japan, Chinglish can be quite entertaining!

Great for ork trees.

posted on 6 Aug 2019 in Chinglish, Household Items

Give the plants a good sorking.

Photo courtesy of Russ Hawver.

Caring is sharing

posted on 17 Jul 2019 in Chinglish, Clothing

No more give your sour…

Photo courtesy of David Deeds.
Found in Yantai, China. 

Now I am pissed…

posted on 16 Jul 2019 in Chinglish, Signs

Hope you like yellow.

Photo courtesy of Colin Smith.
Found at Beijing Airport. 

There are all kinds of farks…

posted on 12 Jul 2019 in Chinglish, Household Items

Photo courtesy of Erika T.
Vinyl placemat from China. 

Tough on acne.

posted on 11 Jul 2019 in Chinglish, Toiletries

Soothes as it bruises!

Photo courtesy of Chris Lyons.
Found in China.

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