Chinglish is a commonly used term for Chinese Engrish from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Examples are for the most part mistranslated signs and products. Although not as creative as Engrish from Japan, Chinglish can be quite entertaining!

Have anything in a culotte?

posted on 6 Feb 2019 in Chinglish, Menus

No skirts before dinner.

Photo courtesy of Grant Murray.
Menu found in Shanghai, China. 

Better hold the onions…

posted on 4 Feb 2019 in Chinglish, Menus

Goats rarely burst…

Photo courtesy of Grant Murray.
Menu spotted in China. 

Dissin’ America again…

posted on 31 Jan 2019 in Chinglish, Signs

Photo courtesy of Grant Murray. 
Found in Urumqi, China. 

No room in my sin…

posted on 29 Jan 2019 in Chinglish, Containers

Afraid of nothing… except hell

Photo courtesy of Matthew Huy.

You had me at ture…

posted on 28 Jan 2019 in Chinglish, Snacks

Ture flavour always gives me minerable feeling.

Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Mann.
Found in China. 

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