Chinglish is a commonly used term for Chinese Engrish from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Examples are for the most part mistranslated signs and products. Although not as creative as Engrish from Japan, Chinglish can be quite entertaining!

As long as it’s nothing major…

posted on 15 Oct 2016 in Chinglish


He’s affordable…that’s all I can say.

Photo courtesy of Emil Schjelde.

Not my favorite dance…

posted on 13 Oct 2016 in Chinglish, Menus


Also the name of the medical disorder after eating.

Photo courtesy of Richard Price.

You’ll get it one way or another…

posted on 10 Oct 2016 in Chinglish, Menus


Not a sit down dinner.

Photo courtesy of Richard Price. 

It’s us or it’s 9 months.

posted on 5 Oct 2016 in Chinglish


It’s the only coating that’ll attract Iranians.

Photo courtesy of Marshall Kinkead.
Found in Zhanjiang, China.

That last step really packs a punch.

posted on 4 Oct 2016 in Chinglish, Signs


What a workout.

Photo courtesy of Karen Van Buren.
Taken at the White Cloud Temple in Old Shanghai, China.

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