Chinglish is a commonly used term for Chinese Engrish from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Examples are for the most part mistranslated signs and products. Although not as creative as Engrish from Japan, Chinglish can be quite entertaining!

And Tiffed in Taiwan

posted on 21 Jan 2015 in Chinglish

Feeling Laos-y

Photo courtesy of R.T. 

Can’t argue with this fence…

posted on 19 Jan 2015 in Chinglish, Signs

When life hands you fences…

Photo courtesy of Zbyněk Sailer.
Found in Nanjing, China. 

Come on, shred that ass…

posted on 17 Jan 2015 in Chinglish, Menus

Photo courtesy of Adrianne Doering Curtis.
Found in Beijing, China. 

Taste is King

posted on 16 Jan 2015 in Chinglish, Drinks

Photo courtesy of Ian Cox.
Found in Shanghai, China.
Pronounced “po-po” in China. 

Beauty Young Girls

posted on 15 Jan 2015 in Chinglish, Toys

Call your doctor if vagrant thoughts last longer than 4 hours…

Photo courtesy of Derrick McCullough. 

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