Chinglish is a commonly used term for Chinese Engrish from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Examples are for the most part mistranslated signs and products. Although not as creative as Engrish from Japan, Chinglish can be quite entertaining!

We understand how hard it’s been…

posted on 13 Jul 2018 in Chinglish, Signs


Photo courtesy of John Witty.
Found in China. 

Mind your compenste.

posted on 11 Jul 2018 in Chinglish, Signs


It’s Compenste Prevention Week…

Photo courtesy of Jiayang Chien.
Found in China. 

Forward march.

posted on 9 Jul 2018 in Chinglish, Signs


Now sign the guestbook!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Girard.
Found in China.

Oh btther…

posted on 5 Jul 2018 in Chinglish, Transportation


Do you hvve any hiney?

Photo courtesy of Howard Tobin.
Found on an antimacassar on a van in China.

Can I get a cup that’s not so snarky?

posted on 26 Jun 2018 in Chinglish, Toys


I think I’ll put this on the.

Photo courtesy of David Tilley.
Toy box from China. 

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