Some of the funniest Engrish around can be found on t-shirts, jackets, and other clothes. The problem is not many have their cameras ready when they see a classic shirt walking down the street.

God Save the President!

posted on 28 Jan 2015 in Clothing, Engrish from Other Countries

Keep Calm and Carry a Gun.

Photo courtesy of Angie Remsen.
T-shirt found in Thailand. 

No wait…

posted on 18 Jan 2015 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Barney.
Children’s clothing found in Japan. 

Fashion Underwear

posted on 4 Jan 2015 in Chinglish, Clothing

Photo courtesy of Dave High.
Found in Jinan, China.  

I love the New York Team!

posted on 29 Dec 2014 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Brian Rubrecht.
Spotted in Tokyo, Japan. 

Build up your immune system!

posted on 28 Dec 2014 in Chinglish, Clothing

Photo courtesy of Jitna Bhagani Premberg.
Spotted in Shanghai, China. 

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