Some of the funniest Engrish around can be found on t-shirts, jackets, and other clothes. The problem is not many have their cameras ready when they see a classic shirt walking down the street.

I forgot the other two…

posted on 17 Dec 2014 in Chinglish, Clothing

You teach me English now

Photo courtesy of Tony Siu.
Found in Southern China. 

Pretti plesse…

posted on 4 Dec 2014 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Tony M.
T-shirt found in Japan. 

The eightfold path to vengeance.

posted on 2 Dec 2014 in Clothing

Because Buddha is all about getting even.

Photo courtesy of H.N.
Tank top found in Japan. 

This is why I don’t listen to owls…

posted on 29 Nov 2014 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Fahruz.
T-shirt found in Japan.  

Trust in Zontary

posted on 23 Nov 2014 in Clothing

In one sentence, what do you like about Zontary?

Photo courtesy of LJ.

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