Some of the funniest Engrish around can be found on t-shirts, jackets, and other clothes. The problem is not many have their cameras ready when they see a classic shirt walking down the street.

Scooter Girls

posted on 28 Feb 2015 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Mark Schreiber.
Worn by Japanese man who appeared to be in his mid-70s. 

Hit the road

posted on 26 Feb 2015 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Lauren Jones.
Japanese tourist spotted at Disneyland, CA. 

Not according to my gawyer…

posted on 21 Feb 2015 in Clothing, Engrish from Other Countries

Photo courtesy of Niki Ratana.
Shirt spotted in Laos. 

Especially at bedtime…

posted on 18 Feb 2015 in Clothing

Beer attacks down 20%

Photo courtesy of Daron.
Child’s pajamas found at a Tesco in Thailand. 

What a lool believes…

posted on 15 Feb 2015 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Elbert Chan.
Jeans found in Hong Kong. 

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