Occasionally people run across fairly funny Engrish on their own computers.

Nire or less…

posted on 3 Sep 2014 in Chinglish, Computer, Video Games

No pain no gane.

Photo courtesy of Johan Tomberg.
From a Playstation 1 ripoff.  

Billy’s first virus…

posted on 29 Jul 2014 in Computer

I code all my malware on it.

Photo courtesy of Drull.
Keyboard found in Japan. 

Bad Computer

posted on 26 Jul 2014 in Computer

Photo courtesy of Chris M. 
Found on video editing software in Japan. 

Honey, have you seen my operation interface?

posted on 2 Jun 2014 in Clothing, Computer

In the wrong hands, English can be very dangerous…

Photo courtesy of Brian Butterfield.
Found on ATM screen in Taiwan. 

For use with plastic computing box…

posted on 9 Oct 2013 in Chinglish, Computer

Just use your Internet string…

Photo courtesy of T.O.
Found in China. 

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