Occasionally people run across fairly funny Engrish on their own computers.

The web with the abundant information

posted on 30 Jan 2010 in Computer

Photo courtesy of Greg Richardson.
Found at Narita Airport internet kiosk.

Blank DVDs have never been this fun… or as risky…

posted on 21 Jun 2009 in Computer


Photo courtesy of Greg Gallagher.
Recordable DVD’s found in Japan. 

I’m afraid so Johnny…

posted on 11 Jun 2008 in Computer

I’m afraid to push yes…


Photo courtesy of Twytchums.

Taken from an NES emulator. 

Break it down!

posted on 16 Oct 2007 in Computer

At least they are up front about it… 


Found in Japanese department store. 

My favorite game…

posted on 27 Sep 2007 in Computer


Photo courtesy of Candice Tuffin.

Computer game found in a UFO Catcher in Tokyo.

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